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How do I get to know more about CloudProductions.SG?

To find out more, you may contact us at +65 8749 3850 or email us at hey@cloudproductions.sg.

You may read more About Us here.

To view more of our works, you may follow our social media accounts:

What is your style like when it comes to photography?

The best part of being a photographer is preserving special moments in People’s lives, and that’s what we do best. Our style involves bringing out the best in People and the happiness deep within them. We believe that every event is special And sometimes it’s about capturing a moment in time before it flies by. It could be to remember the love that you feel for your family or to remember the child-likeness of Your little ones before they grow up. Cloud Productions is a company that captures and beautifies happy moments. We empower visions, influence and seize memories that you can place close to your heart, forever. We love natural lighting and Expressions, as well as connecting your ideas through our work, to create photos that will always bring you back to that happy moment.


How long will it take for my queries to be answered?

We will get back to you within 1-3 days for questions sent through email and social media accounts. For a more immediate response, please WhatsApp us at +65 8749 3850.

How long will it take for me to receive my photos/videos?

Different projects take different time ranges to complete; the timeline is stated as per the package details.

What are the photos' resolution?

We usually provide photos up to 2500px with an image resolution of 250dpi. If you require higher resolutions for printing or other usages, feel free to let us know before the photoshoot session.

Can I buy a photoshoot as a gift for my friend? If so, how do I go about doing that?

There’s always something perfect for everyone! We feel that the best gift one can offer is the gift of memories with those closest to your heart. A photoshoot package of your preference can now be purchased as a gift, plus this bundle also entitles you to customise messages for your loved ones! Talk to us to learn more!

Do you provide videography services?

Yes, we do. Click here to view more details

Can I customise my package?

Yes, you can. We have ala carte rates especially for you. For additional options about prints.

What happens if it rains right before or during the outdoor photoshoot?

Your photographer will advise you on the weather’s condition 3 hours prior to your appointed photoshoot timeslot and you will then have the option of postponing your photoshoot. If the photoshoot proceeds and it rains at any point, we will adjourn to any nearby location that is sheltered.

I don’t have any experience in photo taking, would you guide me on how to pose?

Sure, we’d love to! We usually start with some warm-up shots to get you into the mood. Our shooting styles are usually natural, so if there are poses required, your photographer will be more than happy to guide you. To get you well-prepared here’s 5 Tips that will help you to avoid awkward photographs.

When can we expect to receive our photos after the photoshoot?

Most of our photoshoot’s lead time to develop the final photos is 2 weeks, unless otherwise stated on the package. For prints, it may take a week or two longer than soft copies.

Can I buy all raw files from your company?

No, we don’t sell them. RAW files are unfinished images. Unlike JPEGs, RAW files are not universally compatible and they require special software to view them. Furthermore, unlike JPEG files, which are automatically processed in cameras, RAW formats capture data with the intent of processing and editing them to create a final image.

What is your policy for rescheduling?

Rescheduling of appointments needs to be made at least 48hrs in advance. Any changes or cancellations made within 48 hours before the photoshoot will not be rescheduled nor refunded. This is because time has already been allocated and blocked out for you.

Are pets allowed for outdoor photoshoot?

What if I'm late for my photoshoot?

We discourage late arrivals as we keep to a tight schedule. Should you arrive late, you will only be entitled to the remaining time in your booking.

Can we get 5 photos to be posted on our Facebook / Instagram accounts first?

Yes you can. There will be an additional charge of $20 for photographs that require express editing. These photos will be emailed to you between 1-3 days. The remaining photographs will be sent to you according to the stated time on the package purchased.

Can we extend the photographer’s time spent with us if our event duration exceeds the original booking?

Yes you may, but that depends on our availability how timely the request was made. Last minute requests are defined as any extension within 48 hours prior to the date and time of your photoshoot. This change, if successful, will be chargeable at an additional 15%, on top of our hourly rate.

Do you conduct corporate photoshoots? Could you share some of the clients you have worked with?

Yes, we do conduct corporate photoshoots and we’d love to share some of our experiences with you. We have a professional team of photographers, videographers, designers and operators that handle photo booths, photo editing and video designing. Our visuals have even more impact through graphic artworks,

Videography as well as cinematography. We put our best efforts into being the one-stop media solution for you. We have had the honour of completing projects with numerous renowned companies and start-ups. This includes doing work for brands like NTU, PSA, SLP, Healing Touch, Sugar Kid, Seristine and more! We strongly believe in creating value for others, and through that, allow everyone to experience quality services and products at valuable prices. Click here to view what we can help you with.

Booking Appointment

What is the flow of a professional photo shoot with us?

  1. The first step starts by booking an appointment with us. Kindly indicate your preferred date & time for the photoshoot, as well as your desired location. You can email us at hey@cloudproductions.sg or contact us through WhatsApp at +65 8749 3850.
  2. Secondly, you can read our guide to determine your choice of outfit and props.
  3. Next, we will proceed on to the photoshoot on the date specified.
  4. Then, we will proceed to post-process the photos we took from the shoot.
  5. Subsequently, there will be options available to purchase photo prints.
  6. Finally, receive all your photos either in hardcopy and/or softcopy via a downloadable link that we will provide you with.

How early should I book in advance?

As a guideline, if it’s a full day photoshoot, it is advisable to make your booking 3-6 months in advance. If it’s a 1-2-hour photoshoot, a two-week notice would be ideal. Book your slot early to avoid disappointment!

Things to note:

  • Packages are made by appointments only and therefore slots are limited. All listed promotional packages may change or vary from time to time so do make an appointment in advance to secure your slot!
  • Re-shoot Policy is only for Original Packages and not available for Promotional packages. It’s not for resale, not redeemable for cash, cannot be combined with any other offer, coupon or promotion. (the final deliverables for Re-shoot Policy will be based on the second shoot.)


Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, full payment is required to secure the photoshoot date.

Why do I have to pay a deposit to book a photoshoot appointment?

This is required for the photographer to reserve a date and time for your photoshoot. It also helps with securing your slot so that other clients will be notified that our time is reserved for you.

What payment methods do you accept?

For our overseas clients, we use bank transfers at this moment. For local clients, (Singapore) we accept both bank transfers and PayNow / PayLah. Our prices are in Singapore dollars (SGD).

Optional Add-Ons

Are makeup and hairstyle services provided?

We work closely with a make-up artist and hairstylist. However, our usual package doesn’t include hairstyling or makeup services. That being said, we can include them in at a separate bill if you require. Please email us to find out more.

Are there any prints available?

Yes, most of our packages come with prints. Email us to find out more!

Can I have a bigger resolution file if I wish to have it printed elsewhere?

Typically we keep your RAW photographs for an average of 2-6 weeks. Of course, you may buy over the higher resolution photographs from us. Please let us know in advance, so we can prepare the image sizes and resolutions required.


How are your edits done?

  1. Pictures will be professionally edited, colour corrected (if needed) and have slight amendments done to balance the lighting and contrast. If cropping is necessary, we will do so to make your picture look even more awesome!
  2. All our packages include editing via natural enhancements. This consists of lighting and contrast corrections, twitching of highlights & shadows, and adjusting colour temperatures in the image.
  3. Some of our packages include Retouch / DI, which involves advanced editing such as digitising, manipulating, cloning, removing or adding elements into the image. Some of the most common steps in retouching images include the removal of blemishes, brightening of teeth, smoothing of skin, and correcting unsightly elements in the image. This is usually more time consuming than natural editing and will, therefore, cost more.

Event Photobooth

How much space is needed for the event photo booth?

In general, our footprint is about 3x3m, thereby ensuring that there’s room for you to move around. Find out more information about this here.

My event is outdoors, do I need to provide the photo booth with any shelter?

We strongly recommend for a sheltered space to situate the photo booth as it Cannot function in the rain. The sun and wind conditions can also be tricky to deal with, so some coverage will be ideal. We will also need a flat, stable ground for the photo booth to be in good standing position.

Social Media

What is your official hashtag?

We love seeing your pictures so don’t forget to tag us @sgcloudproductions on Instagram and hashtag us at #sgcloudproductions #cloudproductions on any social media account. Thank you!

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