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About Us

Cloud Productions is an experienced company filled with splashes of creativity and refreshing ideas. We discover and create the images you love! We are based in Singapore with over 10 years of experience in Photography. We are dedicated to providing the Best and Professional Photography Services. What’s more!? We mark your story down with brilliant colours and make every single moment, memory and experience even more memorable for you and your loved ones.

Our Experience

Cloud Productions has captured over 5000+ happy faces over the past 10 years. Our photography team is confident of bringing you exquisite service and great photoshoot experience. We empower visions, add impact and influence to your messages or brands, seize memories and place them close to your heart forever.

With great pride in our work, and a strong emphasis on quality, visual creativity & client satisfaction, we consistently meet our clients’ expectations and needs at premium professional levels, as testimonials show.

We Tell Your Stories

We believe that every event is unique. We capture moments and use them to paint a story that will live in memories. Our attention to detail and an excellent eye for creativity is second to none. Countless clients come back to us because they know we deliver quality.


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