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Photos are an important part of every occasion and milestone.  Photographs help in preserving memories of the moment, while Photo props in photographs are to add character, drama, interest to a photo, and highlight a context to your story at that moment.

You can amazingly add a fantastic amount of energy, passion, and life into the image with the help of props.

Here are 10 Best Photoshoot Props we think you should consider if you’re planning a Photoshoot session:

(1) Bring along a Plushy friend that your Kids would really love, hug it or tender loving care for it. It helps entice your kids with a greater natural expression. Happy Things, happy thoughts. Here we go!

Friendship Photoshoot Singapore Singapore Professional Best Friend Photoshoot

(2) Alphabet Balloons
Alphabet Balloons
are a popular prop to have at any Portrait photoshoot session, especially the jumbo-sized ones. Some of which, the photoshoot was personalized with alphabet balloons with initial of names of people in the photoshoot. Another would be words that you want to consist of in the photoshoot session with the beautified arrangement.

(3) Photobooth Props
Say cheese, and use some drama king and queen Photobooth Props. Photobooth Props are commonly made from simple materials, and it is commonly used for enticing photos with standard / boring backdrops during events. It makes the most fun, funky and fabulous experience in the event.

(4) Couple / Family Tees
Props and outfits are very much related. Good use of a dress form is also a form of Props planning.

(5) Bubbles
Soap bubbles colourful psychedelic swirls are very visually engaging, especially under sunlight.

(6) Matching Dresses & Outfit
Again, you may feel the need to wear matching family outfits like all white shirts but that isn’t ideal. Instead, while in the flower dome, you can consider wearing pastel or alternate tones of blues & pink and even adding in pops of cooler colours.

(7) Bicycle
If you’re planning a Photoshoot nearby your place, bring along your Bicycle and have a sporty themed photoshoot with your family.

(8) Chair
One way to add symmetry or interesting lines to your photos is to sit on. One way you can mix it up is to play with posing with the chair.

(9) Scarf / Long flowy fabric
A flowy fabric can be used during windy day at the beach or garden when doing some moving action poses.

(10) Alphabet Initial Props
The same goes to Alphabet Balloons, Alphabet Initial Props is also very much popular to have at any Portrait photoshoot session.

Friendship Photoshoot Singapore Singapore Professional Best Friend Photoshoot______________________________

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