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As a Professional Kids Birthday Parties Photographer, we work with countless people to bring the best moments for our customers. We bring the smiles and create magical happy moments, and making those precious memories last a lifetime for you and your family. Our collaborative partners have been working with us through our company’s growth for several years and we connect different aspects of contacts and vendors that may make your event even greater! 

If you’re planning to capture those fun-filled happy memories at your Kid’s birthday party perfectly, you are at the right place. For many years, we take photos of moments that captivate the hearts. We know that Photographing your child while running around your Kid’s Birthday Party is mayhem. It’s understandable to miss out on things when you are trying to juggle so many commitments.

From our years of experience behind the camera – observing and photographing countless birthday parties and events, we have garnered insights of what worked and what didn’t and how you can make your kids birthday party a roaring success that both your families and friends (and their children) will love and remember.

Birthday Photoshoot Singapore Singapore’s Leading Birthday Party Photography

At times, having a dress code at a themed party will surely keep your guests involved in the party, differentiating your event from the rest of those ‘mainstream’ parties. It will give an instant lift to the party, bringing it to the next level. Now that’s a real party with plenty of photo opportunities that only gorgeous photos can be expected!

The lighting of a venue might not be a consideration for parents when organizing their kids or baby’s birthday party, but to a photographer, lighting is of paramount importance. Believe it or not, lighting will make or break the photographs.

Kids Party Photoshoot Singapore Singapore’s Leading Kid’s Party Photography

The natural lighting provides the most beautiful light so a venue that allows natural light into the room will create the best lighting scenario and composition for photographers. Needless to say, when a venue is bright and airy, everyone will be more energetic.

For a Kid’s Party, we will always try to use natural light to light the subjects. Parents will often request birthday party photographers not to use direct flash on kids, and I personally feel that camera flashes distract the guests from their conversations and interactions as well.

When both the kids and the adults are enjoying themselves, you can be sure that there will be plenty of endearing moments for the birthday party photographer to capture.

With beautiful photos, you can reproduce it in many forms.


What to do with your Photos after the Photo-shoot?
(i)  Instill your most cherished memories in a quality wall hanging Canvas for all to admirers, Print your Memories On Canvas.

(ii) Decorate any room with a customised collection of photographs, framed, and hang it on your favourite wall in your home.


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