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Bubble Tea-Themed Casual Couple Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in Singapore; It’s been months since the Bubble tea craze took over the internet and there’s still no sign of it stopping any time soon.

Relationship Goals: Love for Bubble Tea, Love for you, Love our Bubble Tea Moments together!

Just when we thought the Bubble tea craze is only happening in our country, it turns out that Asian communities around the world are in the craze too! It’s no surprise to hear people suggesting to throw a bubble tea party or replacing alcoholic drinks at a wedding with bubble tea on the internet but it turns out, there are many people, in fact, wanted a Bubble Tea themed Photoshoot

The couple, Chng Kiat and Huiyi met each other in their office’s canteen on 31st Oct 2016, he had a crush on Huiyi. They had their first date which was also Huiyi’s birthday as well as Valentine’s day in 2017, dating over sweet treats. Chng Kiat is a craze fan of boba which particular is the honey golden pearl from Bober Tea (Local brand Bubble Tea shop). Huiyi was inspired by Chng Kiat for the love of Bubble Tea and it makes it much meaningful now to share their love stories and moment through photographs.

One year plus into the relationship, they have tried BTO for the first time, as well as the proposal is going well.

“No proposal no diamond carat as I don’t see a need to. (save money for more zero sugar bubble tea instead!)” – Huiyi

“Prior to meeting her, I was single for a very long time. Hence I did everything alone. drink bubble tea alone, chew on the pearls alone, gym alone. Huiyi was my first love and she made me realized the blissfulness of loving someone and doing things together! Now my sole and greatest mission in life is to make her happy for the rest of our lives so long as she is with me!” – Chng Kiat

This young lovely couple is getting hitched this coming March 2020.

Wishing both Chng Kiat and Huiyi a wonderful journey as you build your new life together!

To Wrap Up…

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