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Who doesn’t love cute, soft and cuddly teddy bear??

Well, we sure ain’t selling any soft and cuddly Teddy Bears but this season, we are having Baby / Toddler / Children photoshoot along with Cloud Production’s Signature Bear. Our customer’s usual comment is it’s super adorable and it’s sweet gentle teddy bears.

Kids are loving it so much!

Don’t you just love to see adorable babies and toddler photographs along with their cute teddies?


Some kids are naturally excitable by toys and they are often much energetic, optimistic, fun and engaging! Other kids being around them get influenced too.

Start by celebrating all the strengths behind your child’s excitement, like enthusiasm and energy. They’re part of what makes your child great in the family photoshoot.

Commonly, the role of the props in photography is to help add character and interest to a photo or to add context to the scene. Props like Teddy Bears create more interesting kid’s excitement expressions and memorable experiences. The more creatively you can use them, the better and more interesting your children and family portrait photographs will be.


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What to do with your Photos after the Photo-shoot?
(i)  Instill your most cherished memories in a quality wall hanging Canvas for all to admirers, Print your Memories On Canvas.

(ii) Decorate any room with a customised collection of photographs, framed and hang it on your favourite wall in your home.


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