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Hari Raya is just around the corner! For those who are still preparing to get yourself dress up for this festive season, we’ve got some stylish ideas to inspire your wardrobe.

Raya is a celebration where everyone looks good in their own outfit of the day. They even wear matching outfits with their family or beloved ones. OOTD or outfit of the day is something that is a must in our daily life nowadays, especially during the celebration day like “Hari Raya”. Who doesn’t want to take pictures when they are wearing something new and beautiful during a special occasion. Looking extra glamorous and sharing festive joy on social media such as Instagram and Facebook. It is something that people are looking forward to most of the time. Not only it is fun and it will also remain as a tangible memory when they reminisce about it.

Here are some Last-Minute outfit ideas (for female) that are sure to impress your entire kampong:

(1) Floral Print Dress

Flowery fabrics tell the story of an evolving notion of femininity through the decades. Almost synonymous with spring, flowers have long represented renewal, beauty, and the feminine side of nature.


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(2) Detailed texture outfit

Most People have adorned themselves with flowers for millennia, with embroidered, embossed, and beaded details, as well as real blooms, printed on fabrics, and patterns woven into textiles.


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(3) Two piece Dress

Modest and classy fashion, keeping it simple, stylish, and comfortable. 


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(4) Going Minimalist Style

Are you into single colour tone’s wardrobe. If you answer “yes”, you may be all good to go with simplicity and minimalist style.


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(5) Going Elegant Style

Thanks to many aspiration fashion designers, Muslimah fashion industry is catching up with the often neglected market for modest clothing, bringing luxury and sophistication in a seamless meeting with modest wear. Now, you’re spoiled for choice.


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(6) Going Modern Style

There are common attire during Hari Raya festive seasons. This Hari Raya, why not bring a touch of classic elegance and modern sensibility into your look, and play up your makeup to suit your outfit with modern styling mix-and-match? Look different, feel different. 


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As far as you want to capture every best dressed moment during this Hari Raya festive season, it is advisable to choose an outfit that you are comfortable with, an outfit that gives you space to move around.

To Wrap Up…

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