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“Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart.” There’s an old saying, “Smile, increases your face value.”

As parents, things can get out of hand when children are involved. You wake up early to prepare the kids for a family photo shoot; wash them and make them wear their favorite clothes. After, toiling and moiling to make the event successful. The kids start playing and don’t care whether cloths get dirt or not, they don’t give a damn at times. As parents, we get worked up and sometimes take stern measures to make sure that does not happen.

We’ve been taking children photographs for a long time and we know what trick to use to get a genuine smile from them most of the time. Those tricks may only work for the younger kids and may not work on especially those who are old enough to influence their juniors, we always want a natural look of joy on the kids. Photos with dull faces make the photos look unprofessional.

Children Photoshoot Singapore Singapore Leading Kid’s Party Photography

Every child is different, and a trick that works for one kid may not work for the others. Most kids don’t like posing for photos and get easily distracted by their surroundings, and that can be challenging for most photographers to cope up with. We’ve heard what parents say about taking photos of their kids, it is often Out-of-focus and blurry pictures are common when photographing kids.

Having photographed thousands of toddlers, children, and families, I can confidently say that we are experts and we have all that it takes our shelves to make your kids’ photos magnificent. Today we are going to show you the tricks to make kids smile for a picture.

Involve the Parents

Just before setting up our cameras and start taking photos, we always let parents share with us in-depth about their child and so we can better understand their children. Parents should fill questionnaires to assist us to know the kind of kids we are working with.

The information they provide will help us to know the kids better. We will be able to understand their behavior so as to work out some positive ways to handle them. Information will help us break the ice with the kids. Children come in different sizes and characters. Some have low concentration and get distracted easily. It is good to know them better to avoid disappointments.

Being Tolerant and Observant

Patience is a virtue. One must exercise patience when dealing with little ones. Try to explain what you expect from them and make them understand. There is no point in forcing them to do what they don’t want.

We strongly advice parents to avoid disciplining their little ones when things get out of hands during the photoshoot. It is a fun day, not a morning service, and no one is supposed to be upset. I know excitement takes a better part of the kids and gets messy, dynamic, and spontaneous for cameras to capture their personality, but don’t take it personally.

Children need close attention. We should be patient and observant. If you put them off, they feel offended, and they might decide to ruin the entire photoshoot.

Engage the Kids

What is a photoshoot session without some fun injected into it? It will be boring, and the photos will be unattractive.

Some of the things you can do to engage the kids and make them smile include, parents tickling them, make fart noises, act like a cartoon or snoozing to catch their attention. Start singing as a choir. Songs make crying babies stop and join others. It engages them

Master the kids’ Levels

Make sure you know the level of your kids, not just eye-level but education level and their age. Then, keep on talking to them. Get them comfortable with you. Children wary and become withdrawn in an unacquainted environment.

Ask them about a bunch of questions like who is their best friend, what is their hobby, which grade they are, and what is their favorite color. It might take time for them to respond but once you hit the right point, they will start opening up and give you a beautiful smile, and the rest will be history.

Make it Fun

Posing and smiling without reason sometimes is hectic and tiresome. Let the kids have fun – eat snacks. The kids will portray their personality and pose for the photos willingly. They will feel part of the photoshoot and trust me the entire session will be magnificent.

Walk in the gardens, lay all the toys, balloons, cakes, picnic sets, teddy bears, soccer balls for the children to go crazy. It’s their time to shine so let them do their “silly” things.

Children Photoshoot Singapore Singapore Leading Kid’s Party Photography



Kids have a low concentration. You will tell them the best style to pose for a photo, and before you set the camera, they will be quarreling. Make sure you are versatile and flexible. It is not a must for them to pose for a photo.

In a Nutshell,

Photos of smiling kids look attractive. The smiles expose their gaps in the teeth and make them look more beautiful. However, you cannot force the kids to smile for the camera. Whether you are a photographer or a parent. Use the above tricks to have the kids smile. I have used them, and they are perfectly useful.

If you want to see us work our magic and capture your kids’ bundle of joy, you can always reach us via our email at hey [a] cloudproductions.sg.


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