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People spend years in an accredited institution learning about it. They learn how to pick out colors and mingle them to achieve a personal effect.  As photographers, we are not left behind. We use full Spectrum colors to make photos look stunning and attractive.

After the use of black and white photography for decades, photographers have crept out of their comfort zone to the use full Spectrum of colors. Although our eyes and camera lenses are inevitably drawn to specific color and combinations, it’s is a good idea to understand the science and technics of color when you are out there taking a photo shoot. Below are the reasons Why Cloud Productions prefer to photo shoot in full Spectrum colors.

Induce Emotion

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Color in photography combines art, science, and culture with your own personal style. It can make or break the mood of a scene and photo storyline, which is why today’s article is all about using color in your images.

Colors have a way of significant effect on our attitude. They tend to portray our moods. Use of color tones and temperature as part of the framework for the story of your photos emphasize the atmosphere. For instance, we use red to show-energy, excitement, passion and anger, orange-warmth, happiness and enthusiasm, yellow-cheerfulness, friendliness and creativity, green-calm, natural, balance, and growth.

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Obtain Contrasting Colours

Certain colours look more striking and visually appealing than the other. This captures the attention of the viewer and draws you into the image.

Make Printing Easy

If we want to add more clout to our color photos, we can use professional tool to fine-tune individual colors with the saturation, tone and luminance sliders. This enables us to have absolute control of each color. For instance, if the light is not right, we adjust the temperature and vibrancy sliders. If the skies are too dark, we can increase the luminance a fraction to give the sky a bit lighter color.

We Tell Your Stories with splashes of Colours and Creativity!

Cloud Productions is an experienced company filled with splashes of creativity and refreshing ideas. We believe that every photo shoot is unique. We capture moments and use them to paint a story that will live in memories. Our attention to detail and an excellent eye for creativity is second to none. Countless clients come back to us because they know we deliver quality.

We are based in Singapore with over 10 years of experience in Photography. We are dedicated to providing the Best and Professional Photography Services. What’s more!? We mark your story down with brilliant colours and make every single moment, memory and experience even more memorable for you and your loved ones. 

If you are planning to have Professional Photographs, Contact Us as early as now to book your slot. We have experienced and competent photographers who listen to your needs and work towards satisfying you.

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