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Have you ever come across one of your group photos when you were five years old? … when you know nothing about your fashion? Photographs take you back to those days and you can see obvious changes in yourself. How innocent you were those days, thinking back… you could not even harm a fly. Your childhood friends in the photo look different and everything else too. Life has changed not only their morals but even their physical appearance. Some seem older than their age while others have passed away.

You can trace your origin by looking at your past photos. They give a deep understanding of our characters, growth, and history. A photo can tell the mood of a person if they are taken in high spirits or the low, they tend to show our inner being. Now that you know how important photos are in our lives, here are the reasons why you should print them.

They help us Appreciate Who We Are

Photos speak for themselves. You don’t need to explain everything in a photo. A small caption is enough to convince people how you were in primary or secondary school. They help us keep our memories and remind us where we come from. It’s only through photographs, you can realize how big and well you have grown. They help us track our progress in life. Some lifetime moments like a wedding and another ceremony can only be kept alive by being captured in a photo.

Now that everything is digital, where people back up their photos on phones, printing photos have been relegated to an optimal step in the photographic process. Some love to print the photos but when they look at the price of ink cartridges, the purchase of quality paper, and the cost of printer they back off. But you don’t have to buy all this, talk to us and we will help you deal with your photographs printed at a fair price.

It is easy to tell yourself that you will print the photos once you have money, but there is no single day you will have excess cash. We are always tied by our complementary needs like paying schools fees, visiting our parents, and paying rent. You need to take time and sort all the photos on your phone or laptop and print them. They are tangible memories for us.

Phones Get Lost, Hard Drives Crush but Papers and Canvas are there to Live

Computer malware makes the drives crash making you lose your wedding, birthday and family photographs. Once they are gone, you cannot retrieve them. You don’t have to suffer because we have a solution for you, have your photos in hard copy, print them. Canvas Print don’t disappoint unless rats decide to surprise you (which doesn’t happen in Singapore).

A printed photo is a tangible memory. Through Photographs is the only way we can see our beloved ancestor, hold and embrace them. When your child grows up and goes overseas to study. Having a small sized photo of your beloved ones will make you feel closer to them. Once you look at them, you can feel connected.

A printed photo can be displayed on the wall, put on the desk, or inside an album. You don’t need to go over all the folders in your laptop looking for a single photo you took twenty years ago. You probably can’t remember which folder. Print it and display it on the desk where you can easily access it.

Printed Photos are Accessible

Photos in hard copies are accessible for our visitors, parents and young kids who we want to limit their screen time. We entertain our guest with albums that have our wedding photos, photos when we were toddlers. I can’t imagine giving my friends a tablet to see how my wedding was colorful. What if they want a copy of the photos, will I give them my tablet? The answer is no. I will have to print the images. Printing photos make socializing enjoyable. You can give out copies of your wedding photos to your friends and make them remember you whenever they look at them.

Takes Us Back to Old Days

When you look at a photo, the first thing that comes in your mind is, when was this photo taken? It helps you realize how you used to look those days. You can notice how innocent you were from the picture. But as time goes by, the only things that we get are the moments and emotions that we had with the people who were close to us. We cannot reverse time, but we can keep the moments and experiences alive by capturing every event in our life.

Printed photos bring us back to our old homes, our old playgrounds, and our old friends. Some of our colleagues and family members have passed on, and we will never see them again. The only way to remember them is by keeping their photos with us.

When you look at the photos, you get to understand how far your families have come from and appreciate them — the tough moments and challenges they have faced to be where you are.

We can only imagine how things were before the world war by looking at photos. They make us understand how freedom means to us, how our old folks dedicated themselves to fighting for freedom.

Photos make Great Décor

We all like being in a place where good memories surround us. Where we can see how we have changed over the years. Photos give us those memories. Apart from the memories, they make our homes beautiful. We can use them to decorate our house. Choose your favorite photos and print them, put them in a frame and create a gallery wall in your bedroom.

Once you look at the wall every morning, you will feel rejuvenated. The photos strengthen you when days are low. They remind you how determined and how fortunate you are to be where you are.

Memories are like soap; they slowly fade away. You will realize you don’t have specific photos when you start scrolling on your phone once you want a picture of your son to put on his birthday card. Let’s keep our memories alive by printing our photos. Photos will always be safe in hard copies. Your great-grandchildren will see you a hundred years to come even when technologies change.


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