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When a lady gets pregnant, her body undergoes a lot of transformation to accommodate the newborn. Some add weight and the clothes they used to wear don’t fit them anymore while others develop funny cravings. All this is because of pregnancy. When they deliver, they regain their normal figure. You don’t want to forget how you looked like when you were thirty plus weeks pregnant. Capture all the moment on images.

Our photography philosophy is about client satisfaction. We tailor our photoshoots to what you are looking for. We don’t take maternity photos for the sake of pictures. We work our level best to make every moment count.

For a maternity photo shoot session, Cloud Productions offers you an option of shooting in a private location such as your home where we make the image look dazzling. You can put on the best outfit that portrays the baby bump.

Also, you have an option of outdoor photo shooting where you choose your favorite location – this is the most common maternity photo shoot. Being photographed with the attractive natural light makes the photo stunning. We have photographed clients in greenery and beach, but the best background is somewhere with a deeper memories of yours. (Eg. the place where both parents had the first date or place that the father of the child proposed to the mom & etc.) 

Our photographers have a passion for photographing maternity because this is a lifetime memory. You cannot be born twice. One day the unborn child will like to know how they looked like. What will you show them if the images are dull? Photographing our clients in natural lighting and moment brings out real emotions and quality in photographs, and it allows us to capture those few silly and heartwarming photographs. Some clients prefer photos in botanical gardens while others at Home spaces. However, we have a list of locations that are more popular for Pregnant Mummies.

To Sum Up…


Photos play a crucial role in our lives. I can’t imagine how life could have been without pictures. They link us with the past. As we grow old, our minds get occupied, and essential memories fade away. Let us help you celebrate your motherhood with stunning photos. Our photos will help you tell your grandchildren stories. Book your slot as early as now.

Thank you for reading our Photo Diary, a Daily Practice of Joy.

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