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Some customers asked me why we prefer offering high-resolution photographs to my clients all the time. Let me be honest, and we are happy when our clients walk home with real-valued Photo canvases & any form of Photo prints from their photo shoot session with us.

We always remember when we used to wait for months for photos to be printed to see what was captured. The most heart-breaking thing is when the film camera failed to capture anything, or the images were blurred. You felt wasted. Nowadays, people take photos any time they desire.

If you want to treasure the happy moments you shared with your loved ones, why not print the photos in a high-quality canvas and esteem them for years to come? When it comes to heart-warming recalls of loved ones and events, nothing will beat the wistfulness of reversing through a physical photo print. The photos remind you of the happy moments you had, and they make you smile when you are sad.

Whenever we go for a vacation with our families, we make sure to print all the photographs we take. We have prints of everything that we capture in our camera. We have an exquisite canvas collection of our children over our living room that we look at from time to time. They make us feel connected to the past.

Cloud Productions is a focused customer business that perfectly understands our clients. Our job is to offer what our clients want. Customer satisfaction is our joy. Though the majority of them prefer digital photographs over printed photos, we take it as our duty to educate them about the benefits of both a tangible product or high-resolution images.

A printed photo will forever be there. A USB drive may go outdated (Do you remember those discs that were used to store music? Do they exist?) They are obsolete and you cannot use them anymore. If you saved your files on those discs, you are forced to store them in USB that is compatible with a computer.

We take time to educate our customers about the merits of printed photos and then give them what they want. They are the ones to make the decision. We give them time to weigh the merits and make a sound decision.

Cloud Productions is always evolving, never stops growing as a business entity. Our photographers are trained to perfect their skills and learn how to relate with clients.

Whatever you are doing this School Holiday I hope it is filled with joy and laughter. Don’t let those happy moments fade away. Have them captured in an image and printed in a high resolution high-quality canvas where it will stay for years. Contact us to book your slot now!

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