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The journey of pregnancy is long and tiresome. It requires perseverance and commitment. Every pregnant woman wants to capture every moment during her pregnancy. However, deciding the best outfit for your maternity photo shoot is not an easy thing since you want to add the lovely bump and some pregnancy hormones into the mix. The nine months you wait to hold your precious little one seems endless, this is the moment you want to treasure forever.

Here are Tips on What to Wear During a Maternity Photo Shoot:

1. Dresses that Tie at the Waist

Gowns that tie your waist wrap you in style. They make you stay ahead of the style game. They capture all your baby bump curves thus you look sophisticated. The strap on waist holds that dress intact with the baby bump. They are usually flattering and extra comfortable. Whether you are in the first stage or final stage, you only need to cinch your tie-waist dress across the bump. The camera can capture all your bump. Thus, you will look stylish.


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2. Solid Colors

Dresses with solid colors are common among pregnant women. They are attractive and make you look stylish. They not only make you look elegant but also focus attention on your baby bump. The photos will be colorful and beautiful.

3. Oversized Knit Sweaters

This is extremely good for Indoor Portrait Photoshoot. You can wear an oversized sweater during and after pregnancy. They are soft, lightweight and flattering fit to keep your baby bump cool and comfortable. Since the bump is protruding, it shows all your baby bump curves. Thus, you will be happy to look at the photos fifty years to come.

4. Maxi Dress

As far as you want to look astonishing, it is advisable to choose a dress that does not hold your bump tight. Your little one wants to play without restrictions. A maxi dress is comfortable to wear and effortlessly stylish. It is designed to adulate your figure during pregnancy. It clearly shows your baby bump.


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The dress does not only show your bump but covers the whole body. It is long enough to cover your legs and make you look elegant. It is made of a light material that drops beautifully. It is well cut on the neck such that it does not show much cleavage. It is designed to make you look elegant and feel incredibly comfortable. The dress looks lovely. It will expose your baby bump.

5. Off the Shoulder Dress

Off the shoulder, the dress has a straight neckline which makes you look ultra-feminine and clearly shows your growing baby bump. The dress covers the cleavage and the entire baby bump. It makes you look classy.


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6. Night Dress

A Nightdress is made of light material that is comfortable. I am sure you will like to have a maternity photo wearing a nightgown dress. It looks soft, natural and sexy when photographed.  Its waist gathers around your baby bump such that the camera can capture the entire belly.

7. Mermaid Gown

This is the best maternity dress for women who are confident about their figure and who want to have each curve captured in a photo. It is made of beautiful laces and soft material that captures all your belly curves. It resembles a mermaid tail since it spreads and sits on the ground charmingly.

8. Bare Baby Bump

If you are not afraid of showing off your sexy beautiful baby bump, plan to have a maternity photo bare bump. Wear a top that covers your breasts and cleavage since it is not a cleavage challenge. The top should have buttons that when left undone show your growing belly.


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9. Two Piece Dress

This is a dress that has two pieces. The top covers the breasts while the other piece which is a skirt is long enough to cover your legs. Your swelling bump is left exposed. The dress flaunts the pregnant form. It is a nice dress to capture fully bare baby bump.

10. Outfit with Different Textures

Maternity photos will look more thought-provoking if you wear a dress with different textures. The dress looks more attractive and shifts the attention from the mother to the growing baby bump. You can wear a light top and a pair of jeans. Just be creative, and the images will be interesting.

Last but not least, Lingerie or Sheer Lace Robes


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We recommend nice lingerie or sheer lace robe for your maternity photo shoot. The outfit will give you a perfect romantic look. It clearly shows your belly for ideal photo capture. It also helps to hide any critical areas.

As far as you want to capture every moment during your pregnancy, it is advisable to choose a dress that you comfortable with, an outfit that gives you space. Besides, pick an outfit that will capture all your belly curves.


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