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If there are people who know more about love and moments. They have seen and heard many love quotes on their line of duty. They perfectly know love is an illusion. It is a strong feeling that is irresistible.

Life is present. When we embrace all that life offers, we can achieve our life goals both personally and jobs if you ask people what they would like to have in life. Their first response would most probably be, have beautiful children, an excellent partner, and a good paying job. All these take us back to the issue of love. We are being deeply loved by someone who gives us confidence. Loving someone in return gives you audacity. There is always madness in love. The greatest happiness in life is to know that someone loves you unconditionally.

Lovers have no reason to hide their affection. They walk holding their hands, kiss in front of their parents, and carry each other. Isn’t that a beautiful thing? The feeling makes lovers think they are in an endless dream. The thought of losing their lover definitely makes them go nuts.

The love portrayed by the soap opera actors can never explain what love is. Love is so much profound and deep than kissing, hugging each other, going for dates, watching movies and hiking together.

Having had photographed families, couples, pregnant women and kids, we are aware of what love is. The love and affection that we capture with our Professional skillset and cameras are more than what is depicted in mass media.

Outdoor Couple Photoshoot Singapore Singapore Professional Couple Photoshoot

Pre-wedding Photography

There are events in our life that are irreversible and prewedding is one of them. You can’t organize a prewedding ceremony twice or thrice. Prewedding photoshoot usually takes place approximately three to sixth months before the actual wedding day.

Prewedding shoots have become a common exercise among couples who want to capture their happy moments together. The couples get a chance to go out with their best friends and take some pics. During the pre-wedding photoshoot, we are always catching the indication of a showcase of love –  from the humble and quiet moment shared by the couples, the elusive tucking of loose hair, the tender back-rub, the lovely look on the lovers’ eyes and cheering from the friends. There are 3 concepts of Pre-wedding Photography, each couple may prefer differently. For the casual photo shoot, we love how couples seemed to just be having fun and laughing effortlessly in the photos. For the couple in formal attires, the photos may have a different loving vibe to it. For the traditional concept it’s a way to get back to our roots and treasure what is coming along.

A prewedding photoshoot is part of your marriage journey. So, let us help you take a step forward in this endless journey. Let us capture your cherished moments with your loved ones and provide evidence of your love for your kids when you will have.

Engagement Photography

If there is an event that draws different emotions is engagement. It makes people shed tears of love and disbelief. Ladies feel like they are daydreaming. This is the first step towards marriage. If someone proposes to you, you are sure you have one leg in marriage.

rom soleminization photoshoot Singapore Professional Wedding ROM Photoshoot

Now that you and your lover have been seeing each other for a couple of years, it is time to celebrate the momentous occasion with romantic photos. The photos will forever remind you the first time you kissed your partner. They will be a tangible memory.

rom soleminization photoshoot Singapore Professional Wedding ROM Photoshoot

Since we have a rich experience in taking engagement photographs, we know the best spots for you.

wedding actual day photoshoot singapore Singapore Professional Wedding Photography
Contact us for a Professional engagement photo shoot. 

To sum up,

We are going to end this article with this quote, “There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.” – George Sand.

Life is too short to deprive yourself of the good things that come along with love. As you enjoy yourself, let us be the authors of your love life by capturing every moment with your partner.

rom soleminization photoshoot Singapore Professional Wedding ROM Photoshoot

We are Professional Photographers who put our Heart and Soul into creating a truly beautiful story of you and your loved ones.

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