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We specialize in Nature Lighting – Outdoor Portraiture Photoshoot in Singapore. We provide Photoshoot at your homes too! Today we’re sharing with you what the Top 6 Reason why Homely Portrait Photoshoot is an excellent idea in Singapore are. Our Homely Portrait Photoshoot is for all people. It does not matter if you are staying in Private houses, Condominiums, Landed or non-landed, Shophouses or Public housing HDBs. 

We make Personalised Photographs in Personalised Spaces! This is good, especially for Children & Family Photographs! Kids feel fantastic in the places that they are familiar with. They can even go to their favorite corner of the house to have some memorable shots with smiles and laughter. Nothing feels better for kids like that! You don’t have to leave the bed to have your Professional Photoshoot done.

A Different kind of Candid Shot: Candid Child Photography and Embracing playing moments and lifestyle at home. These are true moments, and memories to you. While you see it from the inside, we see it from the outside. Lifestyle candids shots can be completely unplanned! We are ready to offer you great photographs of the lively interactions between you and your family. 







Minimalism with your Family: 
There is so much freedom in designing your own home and as well as the final photos. With no photobomb distractions, a pure white wall can make a merely unique picture with that perfect Natural Lighting.  Without having to spend extravagantly in Studio spaces, you can get photos as good as those taken in Studios.

Wildest Natural Expression
It’s easier to make your kids cooperate with lesser “new” distractions around. Candid photos at home can embrace the unique personality of your child. It can be that silly face or some wild natural expression, but an accurate reflection of your child’s unique personality!












Unlimited Props
Ask yourself, how many props can you bring for an Outdoor Photoshoot? It’s not as good as having infinite accessories during your Photoshoot session. Maybe, it’s all the things you love and play at home. 
Last but not least,the weather doesn’t matter.  Whether it’s rain or sunshine. the photo-adventure begins indoor, in your own house. 
Home Photography Singapore Singapore Professional Home PhotoshootIt’s your Story, our imagination. 

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