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We assure you a comfortable photo-editing. Here’s a Standard Reference or what we do with our photographs:

Here’s a variety of options and guide on our editing and how far we can edit your pictures. We will edit the images from “Original Image” to “Cloud Productions Signature Edit.” If you prefer “Extreme Edit,” you can let us know by booking a photo shoot appointment.

We ensure your images will be professionally edited, have the right colors (if needed), and have slight amendments done to balance the lighting and contrast. If cropping is necessary, we will do it to make your pictures look even more amazing! All our packages include editing via natural enhancements. This consists of lighting and contrast corrections, twitching of highlights & shadows, and adjustment of color temperatures in the image. 

Look at these examples below:

Some of our packages include Retouch / DI, which involves advanced editing such as digitizing, manipulating, cloning, removing or adding elements into the image. Some of the most common steps in retouching images include the removal of blemishes, brightening of teeth, smoothing of skin, and correcting unsightly elements in the picture. This process applies to the photos you selected as part of your package inclusion or additional service add-on. The edits aim to tidy up the image and the subject to a point where the image still looks natural.


However, note that additional editing charges may be incurred. For instance, if you decide to go from Original Image to the Extreme Edit directly, and you change your mind and decide to move it down to our Signature Edit. We thank you for your understanding.


This Blogpost is written & copyrighted by Sgcloudproductions , Thank you for spending time reading our Blog! We hope you’ve enjoyed this post and discover something new here! We look forward to the Photoshoot with you!

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