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As entrepreneurs, we need to put considerable focus on branding. You are a brand and thus the need to reflect this everywhere you go. Your appearance should enhance your message, not distract from it. Hair, makeup, clothes, and accessories say a lot about you.
I believe effective personal branding attracts people who resonate with your business, and are aligned with your core values.

One often-overlooked element is headshots — the photos you use for your profiles, websites, article bios, speaking engagements posters, and more. A picture speaks a thousand words. Shouldn’t yours say something compelling?
For headshots that reflect your real values and help tell the story of who you are and what your business is all about, focus on three elements: what you wear, poses and background.

Not-So-Corporate Headshots are perfect for small business owners, bloggers, tech startups, designers and creative entrepreneurs.

Bonus Tips:

Have a favorite candid shot of yourself? Try to capture similar energy in your headshot, however, do not use open shots in place of professional headshots.

Have a tagline or mission statement? Write your values & tagline next to your headshot. Are they aligned? Image search your values to get a feel for how values can be expressed visually.

Last but not least, Invest in a Professional photographer that can bring out the best in you.

Headshots are a powerful branding opportunity. To attract the right people and opportunities for you, all aspects of your brand, including your headshot, must be aligned with your inner truth. Corporations do this all the time to connect with their audience. Take time to understand your values fully and to align them with your branding. You will attract clients you will love working with.


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