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Nothing is electric as mother-son portraits. Some say there’s no stronger bond than the one between a mother and her son. Given the close relationship that many children have with their mothers, we can affirm this statement.

Introducing Olivia’s Legacy Portraits: I am so excited to introduce the Legacy Portraits to our clients. These timeless, elegant portrait sessions will be forever cherished by your family and by the generations to come.

You can have hundreds of snaps of you and your family on your mobile phone over a short period of time. However, they can’t compare to the unique portraits you will create with the Legacy Portrait session. Great selfies may remain on your phone or on the cloud but these portraits will be displayed in your home with pride and joy.

Having to say that, how often do we tell our parents or children that we love them? You can show your mum, or your child you love them by organizing a bonding Legacy photo shoot. It’s one of the simplest ways to show love and affection for the ones you love.

Lastly, confess that you love them. It is comforting and shows love to your kids. Shout it out, and create joy and precious moments together. Make sure they know you LOVE them!

Thank you for reading our Photo Diary, a Daily Practice of Joy.

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