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We have had many families asking if they can include their pet dog in their Family Portrait Session. The answer would definitely be “Yes! Please Bring them along!” Those dogs are too pretty to be left behind.

Some say, “never work with children or animals” – That’s a saying that photographers rarely take notice of and for good reasons! Children and animals, while unpredictable and challenging, make for some of the best photography subjects because of how entertaining and cute they are.

Animals enrich our lives and are much-loved members of our family. We welcome your pets and work to capture the personality and spirit of your pet along with your family, friends, and loved ones. We’ll offer you heartwarming, beautiful photos that express who you are and what your pet is. We use the right equipment and settings to ensure that the images we produce meet the high expectations of our clients. Here are things you may need to work on before bringing your Dog(s) along for the Outdoor Photoshoot session:

1. Get a Good Dog Caregiver
Ask someone that you and your dogs know and trust. For the family photoshoot, we may have different series of shots. For example, grandma with granddaughter only, father and sons series as well as siblings shots! While it’s important to have dog caregivers during the photos you take without your pets, their most important role will be taking your dog(s) away or to another area when you are done taking photos with them. Dogs have an even shorter attention span than children and may only take their best photos in the first 10 minutes. So call your friends and family and get something for them (food or drinks), you’ll be glad you did!

2. Pick a Familiar Location

When choosing a location for your photo shoot, it is essential to make sure that your dog is familiar enough. It can be a park you often go to or just the backyard. Try to pick an area where other dogs aren’t going close to you. Choose a location where there aren’t lots of distractions around you such as a quiet park, or a large field near your house. If your dogs are going to be off-leash for the photos, make sure that you have performed this feat before and that the dog(s) can be trusted in this environment.

3. Bring Treats!
Treats are a great way to get our pets to listen to commands and stay engaged. This can help to encourage the results and behavior that you want.

4. Toys, Toys, Toys
What puppy/dog can resist a tasty-looking old shoe or chew toy? Offer them something to gnaw on, and we’ll get busy with the camera.

5. Best Furry Friends Forever (BFFs)
If you have more than one Dog, bring both or all. Double the fun by photographing pets playing together during your photoshoot that sounds great! The interaction between the animals and your family can have a great result in a series of photos that tells a story, real moment of the love within your family and your pets.

6. Reward them after the Photoshoot
Make sure you reward your dog(s) after the photo shoot, you know their favorite treats and activities. Clue them that they will be rewarded in fun and tasty ways.

Last but not least, Prepare your Dog(s). 
Help your dog to burn off some energy before the shoot. Take them for a walk, to the dog park, or daycare before your shoot. This will help them sit, stay, or lay down, and generally relax during the session. It’s also essential to prepare them with whatever they are going to be wearing. It’s important for your dog to feel comfortable with what they are wearing as well as your preparation for your comfortable clothing.

We can’t wait to see you & your Dog(s) for your next photoshoot!


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