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Pets matter so much in life. Probably, you can’t dream of any event, either family, engagement, or wedding photos without them. For this reason, you should always let your pets come along on your photo shoot! Here are some of the reasons to do so:

1. You want to remember them
Don’t leave your pet out when you capture those big and little moments that mean the most. You can bet a pet’s long life has something to do with the environment, the animal’s stress level, happiness, and nutrition. Their lifespan is still definitely shorter than any humans. Pets can add a touch of nobility, majesty, and beauty to your photo, right up until they bring their goofy, silly or crazy nature and then it’s back to beautiful again. These the right moments we would want to capture and remember in future.

2. They are part of your family
Are you aware that pets are part of your family? You count on them for support, you’re there for them when they need you, and you’d do anything for them. Therefore, why wouldn’t you choose to include your pets in your professional family portrait sessions? We love it when we receive inquiries from clients who are interested in involving their pets in our Photo-shoot session.

Pets bring joy to any portrait session, and anyone we photograph with their pet is more relaxed in front of the camera, so you are no exception. Include your pets in your portraits, and you will feel that they are part of you.

3. Pets Family Bonding
In everyday’s life, it can be hard to carve out time to spend together as a family. However, having a pet can bring parents, children closer. All the activities that revolve around Fido or Fluffy – from exercise to grooming to feeding – require teamwork and cooperation, and the same goes to Photo-shoot. Even something as simple as your family taking the dog for a walk together tells a sweet story about you, your family and the pets. Take this opportunity to build and strengthen the family-pets bonding.

4. Animals boost self-esteem – especially for Kids
Let’s face it… having a pet makes it easier. Pets neither judge nor tell your secrets. They look at you as though you are the smartest and the most important person on the planet. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that kids with pets are more calm and confident.

5.  Kids love to play with them
Kids and pets (dogs especially) go together perfectly. They both enjoy playing in the mud, eating things off the floor, and playing with you when you’re tired. These heartwarming photos will prove that every kid could use one more furry member of their family.

What are your favorite ways to incorporate your pets into your family portraits? Let us know, let us work something out for you.


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