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If you’ve decided to invest in a photography session with the photography company of your dreams, and here are a few things you need to know and decide before you book an appointment.

Ideas & Concepts
If you are in the creative field there are many ideas that ravage through your creative mind. If you do not write them down within 15-30 seconds (I know that it will take longer to write the whole thing down), all be forgotten. If you are not the creative type, take your time to jot down on ideas before setting the time & date for your Photoshoot event. Let your Photographer know beforehand so they’ll know what equipment to pack for the Photoshoot.

Photographer Availability (Date & Time)
Some Photo Story is once-in-a-lifetime and cannot wait, eg. your wedding, or maybe your child’s 1st Birthday party with the auspicious date chosen. Be sure, the Photography company has a Photographer available for you before you make the downpayment.

Pre wedding photoshoot singapore Natural Expression Portrait Photography in Singapore
The photography style can be defined by many things. It can be your choice of subject matter, the way the Photographer light the subject or style it, shooting angles, cropping, a particular color or tonal range you’re drawn to. It also encompasses the post-processing style or any combination of these and more. It’s a tough decision but kindly do your homework.

Experience & Skillset
A DSLR to shoot does not mean someone is a Professional Photographer. The one who has the experience to handle it well and make a smooth journey for the clients is the one who most people prefer. Having the right skill set to produce creative great images sets one apart from other Professional Photographers.

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Read the Package Contract
Read the package or contract before signing up for one of these photoshoots. B&W emails or Contracts are legally binding agreements between photographers and their clients that outline:

-When you can expect your images to be delivered
-Can you choose the location or do you have to select from a list
-Payment fees and deadlines
-How many photos you will receive
-Photo resolutions
-Any extras service or product that comes in the package such as digital retouching edits, albums or prints (which are generally sold separately)
-How you’re allowed to use the photos (on social media or website)

Package Contracts exist to ensure that you and the photographer are protected and that both parties get what is expected from the other person, in a timely manner. Should any issues arise, refer to the contract and know that it sets the expectations for your Photo-shoot. If you don’t quite understand the Package or Contract, ask questions to verify it. It’s important to know and fully understand.

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Photo Resolution
Many people probably know Megapixels only, from the camera, but not many are aware of the resolution for printing, editing, and uploading into sites or social media platform.

Digital images come from thousands of tiny tiles capturing light and color. The more pixels, the higher photo resolution. If you’ve desire Photo resolution, you’ll need to let the Photography company know beforehand.

Outdoor Photography Singapore Singapore Professional Outdoor Photoshoot

Are you going to print it?
Photo resolution relates to the images’ print size. It also refers to the amount of detail the photograph or image has when viewed at 100% on a computer monitor. You will need a higher resolution for printing photos. Otherwise, the lack of quality will be noticeable.

What if it rains?
We’ve heard of photoshoots postponed many times due to rainy weather. The second thing to think about, does the Photography company have to cancel or postpone policy? Or proceed with Photoshoot under the rain or change of location? This is something you’ll definitely want to know.

Check Directions
It is important to do your own research on the Photoshoot location. This is if you don’t get a chance to visit before and you are not sure of the areas. You don’t want to get lost during the hours of your Photoshoot. If you’re not sure where’s your meeting point, talk to your Photographer for help or go earlier to find the spot to meet.

Pre wedding photoshoot singapore Natural Expression Portrait Photography in Singapore

What to Bring and Wear?
Coordinating your outfits show that you are a group, a family, and you belong together. Firstly, let’s be clear that doesn’t mean everyone should have the same t-shirt or outfit. Instead, think about the style of clothes, and coordinate that. If you’re going a bit more dressy, make sure everyone is looking sharp too! If you want a more natural look, let everyone else wear something casual and comfortable. Choose colors that compliment each other, pick similar tones and colors within the same group of people. Lay out your outfits, and see if they look good all together!


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