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Pregnancy is always uncomfortable at times for many women. With the body gradually changing, not many feel good. The common bad experiences include acne, swelling, weight gain, and stretch marks. While some pregnant women may feel wonderful, others are sensitive about the way they look. This sensitiveness can be a barrier during maternity photo shoots, and can lead to unnatural, awkward photos.

Maternity portraits can be slightly trickier than regular portraits and challenging to cope with during photoshoot. This is especially, due to moms-to-be carrying extra weight in their bellies, and experiencing indigestion and sharp kicks on the ribs!

A comfortable environment is important in any type of portrait photography, especially for maternity photos. We want our maternity clients to not only to feel good about how the photographs turn out, but also feel amazing and also look her best in the photos.

Here are 10 tips to help maternity mommies feel great and create better photos during maternity shoots: 

(1) Wearing Something Comfortable

If you are a maternity mommy, make sure you wear something that feels beautiful. Clothes can boost an individual’s confidence. However, there’s no single outfit that works for all women. Some women like clingy dresses, while others prefer loose pants and shirts.

Tips: Tight maternity clothes will reveal the baby bump clearly.

Maternity Photoshoot Singapore Singapore Outdoor Maternity & Family Photoshoot

(2) Choosing the right Location
First, decide on a location that the mother-to-be feels most comfortable in. Some prefer the comfort and privacy of her own home. Some prefer gardens for nature shots. Others are open to doing the photo shoot at the beach for some sexy and tanned shots.

We suggest using only natural lighting to get the best shots with a lesser hassle for Pregnant mom. Walks in the park or gardens make relaxings photoshoots for mommies. With greenery nature great backdrops, it’s even better.

(3) Shoot outdoors during the Golden/Blue Hour
Less sharp lights are always better for Pregnant moms. The beautiful lighting and atmosphere of the Golden Hour and the Blue Hour aren’t just great for photography. They can also be mood boosters, helping Mommies relax and enjoy the photo shoot. With such a lovely environment and surroundings, it’s easier to feel at ease and expect gorgeous portraits.

(4) Making sure Pregnant Mommy is Comfortable
Beautiful nature portrait shots are usually taken beautifully because the person is feeling comfortable. Being pregnant isn’t easy. It comes with a lot of physical discomfort, from swollen feet to painful varicose veins. Be mindful of this discomfort as you plan the shoot, and make sure communication there is constant communication.

(5) Use Props
Using props can be a great way to compose photos in a greater and more interesting way. Props can also make a good conversation starter, and break the ice in between Mommy and the Photographer.

Unlike other types of portraits, props in maternity photos are best provided by the woman/couple. Something personalized can connect to the coming child as well as the parents. Some popular prop ideas include shoes, books, an onesie, a stuffed animal, an ultrasound picture, or something that spells out the baby’s name, like block letters.

(6) Get a good friend and/or family involved
Pregnancy and childbirth are events that affect the whole family and loved ones. It makes all sense to include other people in maternity photo shoots. First obvious choice, is husband and other that comes along is baby’s elder siblings or Mommy’s best friends. A beloved pet can be fun to include too.

If a best friend or sister is also pregnant, they can potentially combine two maternity photo shoots into one, getting both individuals and paired pictures. Involving other people, with more interactions and candids, can also help make the photo shoot fun and memorable.

Maternity Photoshoot Singapore Singapore Outdoor Maternity & Family Photoshoot

(7) Choose flattering angles & poses
Woman have wide varieties of shapes and sizes, especially when pregnant. In other words, we won’t be able to use mainstream angles for these portraits as to show the best angles for every maternity shoot. At times, it’s good to encourage moms to try new poses for certain angles to get the best shot out of the Photoshoot.

(8) Right timing for showing Belly

The best time to schedule a maternity photo shoot is when the belly is large, but they’re not in the “Oh My God I Think The Baby Is Coming out!” This is typically in Months 7 and 8. Avoid shooting during Month 9 because you’ll never know if the baby will decide to make an early appearance.


Maternity Photoshoot Singapore Singapore Outdoor Maternity & Family Photoshoot



(9) Pamper with Manicure, Professional Hairstyling & Makeup

A maternity session is more than just a photo shoot. It is a day of well-deserved pampering that should include a manicure, hair styling, and professional makeup session. A great natural look is best for this kind of photo shoot. You can look for some inspirations such as soft waves for the hair and light, daytime makeup with an even skin tone and accented eyes and cheekbones.

(10) Have Fun!

Got Cravings? Bring it along! Well, these are part of your Maternity journey as well as memories. Whatever the feel you are going for, get yourself in the mood for your photo shoot. This is an experience for you that will create beautiful memories that you want to remember. Get as comfortable as possible and enjoy yourself.

To sum up…

We are dedicated to put in place the above measures so as to create amazing maternity. If you are looking for the ultimate photoshoots, book an appointment with us and we’ll serve you to satisfaction.


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