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How to take Great Photos of your Children: A Parent’s Guide on Freezing Photos Moments of your kids

Photographing children is fun, fast-paced and immensely rewarding. Here are our top tips for capturing beautiful photos that your family will treasure for generations to come!

(1) Find the Best Light

There is an easy way to find the best light in any situation: The Hand Trick. Just place your hand at the shooting spot of where your child’s face will be arranged at. Great light can be subtle. Small changes of angle or position can often have a dramatic effect. So when you’re out shooting, finding the best light for portrait photography can sometimes be difficult!

Outdoor Baby Photoshoot Cloud Productions Singapore Professional Baby & Family Photoshoot Tips: Do not rely on Auto Mode function on any form of camera, including mobile phones. 

(2) The Gear you’ll need

Taking photos will improve by upgrading from a smartphone camera to a DSLR or mirrorless variant that will offer even more improvement as you learn how to photograph children.

(3) Get down on their level

One of the most significant mistakes adults make when photographing kids is shooting from eye level. The problem is, you’re probably a lot taller than your kid. In every photo, you are looking down on them, which makes them look smaller than they are.

Outdoor Baby Photoshoot Cloud Productions Singapore Professional Baby & Family PhotoshootPro Tip: Avoid a Distracting background. 

(4) Play!

You’ll have significant success in photography and better, more creative photos if you play like a kid while you are shooting kids. Don’t be afraid to get on the ground with your kids or tell them to do fun stuff, like make funny faces, leap, or act silly. When you play with them, they’ll let down their guard. Skip the “say cheese” and get real smiles by photographing while playing.

Tips: Frame your shots more creatively. Use Rule of Thirds to help you position the child away from the center of the frame to make the shot more dynamic and encourage the viewer’s eye to move around the frame. 

(5) Get Outdoors

Unless you have access to a beautiful, light-filled room, the most natural place to photograph kids will be outdoors. However, avoid overly sunny weather with harsh shadows and the heavy pouring wet weather.

Children Photoshoot Singapore Singapore Leading Kid’s Party Photography

The most flattering light can be found:
– On cloudy days
– In the shade, nearer to an opening

– Overhead light (especially mid-day sunlight)
– Patchy light shine over the face or head
– Robust and directional light that casts the harsh shadow of the face features

(6) Use High Shutter speed

Once kids start moving around, it can be hard to slow them down. If you find yourself taking pictures of a child on the move, be sure to use a shutter speed of at least 1/250 to avoid blurry photos. If you’re shooting with flash, be sure not to go over 1/250.

(7) Use a Low f-stop

When shooting portraits, it’s good practice to use a low f-stop and avoid wide-angle lenses. (We recommend a 50mm lens) This will help blur the background and make your subject pop. If you don’t have a DSLR, you can get a similar effect using Portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus, which uses two lenses to create a blurred background.

(8) Anticipate their mood
Children are moody little creatures. If they’re sleepy, hungry or excited on sugar, the most angelic kids can become a nightmare during photography sessions. Do your best to control for these factors when planning a shoot. If you know something that consistently brings a smile to your child’s face, be it playing in the yard or eating chocolate ice cream, use it to your advantage.

Children Photoshoot Singapore Singapore Leading Kid’s Party Photography
(9) Capture the moment

Kids are often at their cutest when they don’t realize they’re being photographed. Instead of orchestrating a picture, keep your camera handy and start shooting when the moment is right. It’s worth investing in a good camera & lens, so you can easily capture the action anytime any day.

(10) Hire Professional!

If nothing above works for you. Let us help you! You don’t need tons of professional gear to create those perfect children photographs. In most cases, family photography sessions happen every year or two.


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