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As Photographers, we are hired to take photos now and then. Upon requests, we’ve put together an exciting collaboration to create better photographs for everyone.

Cloud Productions Chief Photographer Irene recently had a Photo Shoot done for Andy, FertilityCare Singapore and we’re curious about his successful business. For the last 10 years, FertilityCare has helped numerous couples make babies with the help of natural fertility techniques. It does sound like a challenging task as well as a satisfying career making a new life.

Upon conversation, Andy shared with us a little more about himself and his business.
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What’s your background?
I’m an electrical engineer by profession. Eleven years ago, I went to Australia to train as a FertilityCare Practitioner to bring the Creighton Model FertilityCare Natural Fertility Programme to Singapore. This program addresses the couple’s needs for a natural fertility treatment method. I’ve been married for the last 16 years and am a father for 4.

What was the happiest moment of your business?
In my business, the journey with each couple can be rather long and hard. From the time we start from the first meeting till the time we see results, it can be around 6-12 months or longer. The happiest moment is when the couples whom I have journeyed with finally sees the birth of the children. This is after being through the program and the 9.5 months of pregnancy. The joy of them receiving their newborns brings me the greatest happiness.

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What’s the Secret to your Client’s Happiness through your service?
The secret is gathering knowledge from what I teach them effectively. As I journey with them in the Natural Fertility Program, when they get knowledge about their bodies, how they function and the beauty of its design. It brings them a great understanding and calmness.

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What are you proudest of in your Business?
I’m proudest of the knowledge and empowerment I instill to my couples in this Natural Fertility Program. The key is to make them empowered and enlightened of the body and its various mechanisms that lead to the creation of babies.

How has your life been different than what you’d imagined?
Through my work, I have gotten into the lives of each couple that I journey within my program. I’m much privileged to handle the situations of emotional ups and downs as well as the challenges of their fertility journey. It has allowed me to help many people realize their dreams of having a baby, something that I have never imagined I would do. I’m grateful for this opportunity and continue to look forward to helping more couples. For more info, refer to http://fertilitycare.com.sg/site/getting-started/how-fertilitycare-can-help-your-fertility-situation/

Andy’s Kind Words:

It was a sunny morning where I met Photographer Irene for the Photoshoot. Irene invited me to share the story and my work as she prepared to take photographs of me and my materials. With her professional guidance, we looked for suitable spots to get the suitable images that aligns to my business. She took time to ensure I was relaxed, at the same time able to bring out the joy I have in doing my work so that it could be projected in the photos taken. It was an enjoyable experience chatting with Irene as we took photos in various poses and angles. Overall, it was a fruitful experience for the photoshoot and look forward to sharing these and more about my business with my friends and business associates.
– Andy, Director of FertilityCare Singapore

We look forward to working on many more interesting projects, just like this one.

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