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Looking for ideas about Family photoshoots on Pinterest is a good idea if it’s your first time trying out Professional Photoshoots. Here are 8 of the Best Photography Props to bring for your Outdoor Family Photography here:

1: Family Outfit of the Day!

Deciding what to wear in family photos can be as challenging as finding the perfect photographer. These are photos that you are going to hang on your walls, put in your wallet, and cherish for years to come. It can seem overwhelming when considering what to wear.

Keeping the wardrobe theme or going with a more neutral look is good planning. Festive holiday attire or even ugly Christmas sweaters can be fun, but that’s not relevant all year-round. Family customized T-shirts are trendy in recent years.

Recommended to wear:
– Clothing you feel comfortable in
– Clothing you love most
– Outfits that are memorable to you
– Put on some accessories (for females), e.g., earrings, bracelet &, etc.
– Themed clothing set (if there’s any theme or concept that you desired)
Tube & long skirts (for maternity mothers)

Not Recommended to wear:
– Slipper
– Shirts with corporate logos
– Oversize shirt/dress

2: Bubbles!

Bubbles are the favorite most children’s toys, and they get kids very excited with it being around. You can also create some stunningly beautiful images with bubbles and a bit of imagination.

Bubbles come with perfect density and color. This will be beautiful at any scene.props for family photoshoot singapore (10)

3: Sweet Treats

Sweet treats are bribery for young children. They usually work for Children of aged 2-8 years old. Promise to offer a ‘sweet reward’ if your child behaves in the Photoshoot session.

4: Sunshades

The gorgeous family shot can also come from cooler perspectives. We adore small children in mini adult outfits. It’s also a good mix and match with the adults. Some of the families especially love donning fun props like gigantic sunglasses.

5: Alphabets Letter Art

It’s perfect customization with a twist in the Photos! It creates unique personalized photos with name initials and creates more artistic & innovative photographs.

6: Your child’s favorite toy

Bringing your child’s favorite toy to the photoshoot helps in bringing happy memories in the photos. The best photographs come with genuine expressions of their very own portraits.

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#7 : Balloons

Colored balloons are a great way to incorporate the photographs. As colourful or gigantic as it is, it makes the photos more interesting. Balloons are usually excellent props in any photoshoot and always appear beautifully in photos!

#8 : Your Pets

Pets fill our hearts with joy. If you enjoy more candid shots than the posed ones, bringing your pets is a great idea! We enjoy having pictures with kids & pets; they always melt our hearts!

Other Tips:
Booking Timing Recommendation:
7.30 to 9.30am – Less Heat caused by the Sunlight
9.30 to 11.30am – If you like it bright and Sunny
4.30 to 5.30pm – Still bright and getting less hot
5.30 to 7.30pm – The Sun is setting!

Don’t fight with the Weather man. 
If it’s going to be too windy and dull due to upcoming rainy weather, then it is worth to postpone if Professional Photographers say so. You don’t want your photos to look bad, neither do the professional photographers. We can’t control the weather, but we can control our plannings together.


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What to do with your Photos after the Photo-shoot?
(i)  Instill your most cherished memories in a quality wall hanging Canvas for all to admirers, Print your Memories On Canvas.

(ii) Decorate any room with a customised collection of photographs, hang it on your favourite wall in your home.


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