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Dear Mommies! Here are some great and simple tips on how you can do your part in creating extraordinary maternity photos with your photographer!

Let’s start with:

(1) The Wearables for Maternity

Wear something comfortable, memorable outfit. Pick those clothes that you mostly put on. However, some Mommies love to try something new and not sure how to. This is our guide for you:

The Good:
Long Dress (especially those that can flow with the wind)
Tube & Long Skirt (Showing Tummy)
Long Top with Stretchable pants (some may prefer to unzip jeans)
– Get some Hair & Fashion Accessories to enhance your fashion too!

The Bad:
– Oversize Dresses
– Over Bright & Rainbow Colours Dresses (Stay Pastel or something light, it will make your photo looks warmer).

Best Colour Trend of 2015:
Pastel colors
Complementary or analogous colors 

And, don’t forget to put your hair down. Preferably with Makeup too, to get better contrast in your photos.

(2) Don’t Rush Over Timing

Give yourself enough time to rest or walk, try not to make it like a Rush Hour Photoshoot as much as possible. Do this to leave your comfortable/positive expression in the photo. An hour session will be more than enough if you’re going just for a simple photo shoot.

However, if you’ve plenty of ideas on what you want to do & pose and plenty more outfits, a 2hr might be more suitable for you. Also coming into consideration, if you’re walking at a larger outdoor space, you might need to consider taking up another hour for your session.

Talking about Ideas, leads go to the next Tip.

(3) Have some Poses Ideas in mind

Whether you are doing this alone or with your family around, think of poses! Do a little homework and search the internet, for that “awesome photographs with your desire poses”. Let these pictures be your visualizer for the Photoshoot, share it with your Photographer!

(4) Show off your Sonogram

A sonogram is part of both you and your child’s memories. And it is best to be part of the Photoshoot session.

(5) Use some Props
Props are precisely the way to make your Photoshoot more fun. Some of the suggested Props are:

– String & pegs (for hanging baby clothing around)
Alphabet blocks with Baby Name (BOY or GIRL)

L (61) – Baby Clothing & Shoe
Balloons & Bubbles (if you’ve other kids around, to brighten their smile)
Decorative Umbrella (Special Designed, Rainbow color or transparent with patterns ones are the best)

Ribbon & Tag with Baby Name (tie your tummy just like a new gift coming along from God)
Picnic Mats & Basket (for photoshoots in gardens)

– Last but not least, Wedding Ring

(6) Capture the LOVE around you

You love your baby bump just as much as you love your hubby or your other child. Get some intimates shots of you and them too. Involve your family & capture Happy Love Shots!

Doing up a matching outfit theme for your session with your family is incredible!


What to do with your Photos after the Photo-shoot?
(i)  Instill your most cherished memories in a quality wall hanging Canvas for all to admirers, Print your Memories On Canvas.

(ii) Decorate any room with a customized collection of photographs, hang it on your favorite wall in your home.


This Blogpost is written & copyrighted by Sgcloudproductions , Thank you for spending time reading our Blog! We hope you’ve enjoyed this post and discover something new here! We look forward to the Photoshoot with you!

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