5 Simple Tips for Gorgeous Wedding Photos

#1 – Create a shot list
For the photographer – It’s good to go through and ask about what is going to happen on it’s actual day and plan out a list of photos that you would not want to miss. Such as the detailed ring shot, the gate crashing, the throwing of flowers & etc.

For the wedding couples – Think of your moodboard, and what is really important to you and for that you won’t want to photographer to miss out.

#2 – Take shots with families & friends

For the photographer – It’s not usual to just only see the couple in your entire wedding album, get people around to come into the shot too. Especially the love ones of the wedding couple.

For the wedding couples – 
It’s common on Actual Day, you might be slightly nervous than usual and you might have forgotten your smile. Don’t fake it, try to smile as much natural as possible. Think happy thoughts! And so you’ll not be left out for the happiness in the group portrait!

#3 – Dont forget the Light
For the photographer –
By chance, if you see some natural sun rays coming into the building. Catch this opportunity to create composition with that perfect atmosphere to get that perfect piece of photo art.

For the wedding couples – 
If the sunlight gets a little uncomfortable and gets you tiny eyes, let the photographer knows. You need to be natural and comfortable to get yourself that good shot.

#4 – Communication

For the photographer – Never think you know what they want, ask question. Sometimes make them laugh too, tell a joke to make conversation worthwhile and a happy one.

For the wedding couples – Don’t just pose, talk to each other, feel the touch and move around. Best of all have fun! That can get you lots of lovely candid shots!

#5 – Show off your love 

For the photographer – Be ready for that moment at all times.

For the wedding couples – 
Don’t be too shy to show off your love, have that great long kiss, tight hugs and whichever cuddling you love to do when you are together. That will help getting the most natural shots out of both of you. 

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8 Creative Wedding Detailed Shots You’ll Never want to give it a Miss!

Apart from Gatecrashing, there are many more creative detailed shot you will never want to give it a miss on your wedding actual day!
Here are the top 8 on the list:

Those makeup and behind-the-scene shot

The dressing and dressed up shot

The Wedding Ring on your finger Shot

The Wedding Car Decors

The Banquet Environment & Decor Shots

The moment for Pre-wedding photoshoot on your actual day!

The Decors at the Reception area

Last but not least, the Kissing moment.

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“5 Simple Tips for Gorgeous Wedding Photos”

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Top 10 Outdoor Photoshoot Locations in Singapore

Wondering where to have your outdoor photoshoot?
You will be spoiled by choices as we’ve the TOP 10 on the list!


1. Gardens by the Bay

2. Singapore Botanic Gardens

3. Hort Park
Cloudproductions Outdoor Indoor Photoshoot Singapore 2018 (9)
4. Bishan Park
Singapore's Favourite Children & Family Photography Cloud Productions Homepage Banner

5. Marina Barrage
Maternity Photoshoot Singapore Singapore Outdoor Maternity & Family Photoshoot
6. Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza


7. Sentosa Broadwalk

8. Marina @ Keppel bay


9. Old Airport Road – Dakota Crescent

10. Haji Lane
Cloudproductions Outdoor Indoor Photoshoot Singapore 2018 (7)

We hope you’ve enjoyed viewing the great top 10! We would love to hear from you!
For outdoor photoshoot booking enquiries, kindly email to hello@cloudproductions.sg .

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8 Awesome DIY Food Photography Tips



Finding the right style is important in food photography. Your photoshoot style might be as simple as putting a plate of salad with a wooden table as a background, or if you are a prop-aholic you might just throw everything around to shoot the the salad in some other ways. Looking at your food uniquely, helps you to frame the photos much better.


Direct sunlight is often too harsh when it comes to using natural light photography. If you love natural lighting, one great tips is to use diffuser to filter the bright light so that your food won’t get over exposed (especially the white areas).


Move around to improve composition. Whenever you’re trying to pick the best angle for a photo, you should always think about balancing the composition, and the angle that you shoot from makes a huge difference for the horizontal and vertical balance of the photo.



Food photographers seem to love the macro settings, always. Too often, people get too close to the food, and it’s a little disconcerting and losing perspectives. Sometimes it can be difficult to even identify the subject.

When photographing food there is multiple way to get those mouthwatering shots. One of the best way to make other feel hungry is to focus and show a particular detail and texture of the food.



It will be good if you could play around with your aperture settings on your camera and get familiarize with depth of field. Depth of field plays a big part in food photography, as it concentrates and focus on what is in the foreground (the food). Or it can also be used on having multiple of the same food, but having the sharpest details in the foreground and others will be blurred. At some circumstances the food have to be sharp, as well the background can’t be too blur. That’s when you’ll need to get your hands on aperture.


Not all food are good with lonely one. Remember “three” is the number for most of the food. And avoid “four” in food photography. You can visualize by thinking about how restaurant served Dim Sum, it always comes in three and it looks good isn’t it?


For tiny food like skittles sweets, shooting just one of it doesn’t seems appealing or attractive enough. Sometimes we get massive of the food that we want to shoot to get slightly vibrance & impactful photos.



We all love flawless food. Food without holes around, black spots, watermelon without too much seeds. A minor clean up in photoshop can help remove distracting spot on your food. Clone, but not too much.





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Top 5 Tips on editing your photos

We’ve some clients who are really curious and eager to know more about the difference of our postprocessed images and the non.

Today we’re not only showing you difference of the edited photos and the non, but we’re sharing with you TOP FIVE TIPS for editing your photos:

There are plenty of ways to edit photos, it actually depends on what you are looking at. For us, we want to focus on showing the expression and the happy moments behind the photos. So we usually won’t touch on too much editing. Our advice is, shoot nicely on your photoshoot day and edit minor. Editing is a tool to do what you or your camera can’t do on your actual shoot, and not to rescue faulty photos. Prevent over-editing, as it may destroy the quality of your photos. The 5 GREAT TIPS starts here:

Photography terms: Exposure
What it means: Lighting/brightness

In digital photography, exposure is one of the main key for good photos. It’s also the measure for total amount of light being captured. Usually Aperture, Shutterspeed & ISO has to be set on shoot to compensate the lighting to its balance. In editing software, you can look at your photo exposure by the histogram at the side to roughly look into the balance.

For extreme cases like shooting the milky way in the dark, the histogram will showed it as underexposed. However, the photos looks alright due to the highlights of the milky way is the main key we want to show and need darkness to be surround it. So overall, brighter or darker exposure and balance depends on situations and not always on histogram chart.


Photography terms: Tint/tone/shade
What it means: Highlight/shadows

Highlight and shadow can be quite general and pretty much obvious to human eye. At some point if the shadow that is un-removable from the shoot scenrio, we’ll have to do it in postprocess. And when you are adjusting your highlight and shadows, do also take note of the colours changes too. That will lead you to the knowledge of Vibrance & Saturation below:


Photography terms: Vibrance/Saturation

What it means: Intensity of colours

The diagram show some examples of difference in colours for Hues, Tints, Tones, Shades.

Photography terms: Clarity
What it means: Sharpness

Sharpness play an important role in your photos especially when you need to print it out in the future. Nonetheless, as professionals we are very particular about sharpness & clarity.


Photography terms: Vignetting
What it means: Fading border, that focus into the center of the photo
Vignettes plays a part when you want to surround the subject in the middle of your photos, it somewhat makes it more focus into the center. However, adding too much vignette will make your photos look artificial which is not advisable.


Photography services, click here.
Photography workshop, click here.

Please also do note that:
Our photoshoot packages does not include advanced editing such as retouching, which includes distorting, removing subject from the photo or adding things into it. An example for retouched photo and the non :

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20 Awesome & Happy Outdoor Photoshoot of 2014

Celebrating Love & Happy memories of 2014!

1. Rinzing & Family

Sarah bought our photography voucher for her friend Rinzing, for her family visitation to Singapore.

2. Shally & Guowei
Shally & Guowei are a very lovely and adorable couple, it’s not just the surface of love but we can feel their love filling in the whole framing of our photos. Extremely loving young couple. They are really thankful that we are fast and efficient in sending them the final photos, and just in time before Guowei goes overseas.

3. Valerie & Family
Valerie & her husband is residential in Australia, every year they come back to Singapore to visit her husband parents and also have family photoshoot taken here. This time they have chosen Gardens by the bay, one of those reasons is because they have never been here before and want some good memories with different beautiful perspectives.

4. Jane & Francis
Jane & Francis were soft spoken & shy couple, they are also laughy and fun when it comes to photoshooting. They had two outfit, one formal & one puma couple tees as shown below:

5. Anamika & Family
Anamika & Family beautifully composed shots of Gardens by the bay, some candids & some random poses.

6. Emily & Friends
When 3 good friends comes together and have a photoshoot outing together. Emily is specially gifted in the eye, she knows exactly how she wants the photos to be. Everything can be so beautiful to her that she actually requested super natural shots of them not doing much poses but just randomly looking at one another as well as starting up a conversation and laughing about it.

7. Ray & Ohnmar
Both Ray & Ohnmar are softspoken and gentle. They started quite shy, as this is their first time having a photoshoot session. However, we did captured them naturally while Ray told a joke beside her ear and she will start laughing gently and naturally. And when Ray gives her a kiss on her cheek, she’ll smile sweetly to us, filled with happiness.

8. Chenpei & Family
Chenpei & husband is residential in Singapore, and her family came over for a visit during that period when we had the photoshoot together.

9. Jasyca & Vic
It was fun shooting adorable & cheerful couple, Jasyca & Vic. We did poses, as well as random candids with their memorable love item “Melody”!

10. Egon & Deon

It’s like a way back into love for Egon & Deon, parents of two child. As like most husband and wife, after marriage things just get too busy till sometimes it’s hard to stay romantic. Egon planned this 1 and half hr photoshoot just for him and wife getting together, to feel the love and romance once again.

11. Zahida & Zaki
Zahida loves especially the Gazebo at Botanical Garden, and we’ve got some beautiful shot during the dawn there!

12. Gwen Maternity
Gwen is a Zumba dance coach. At one point during our photoshoot session, she and her husband start dancing so romantically while we took some great and happy shots of her, her baby bump and husband. We’ve so much fun watching them, as well as photoshooting them.

13. Yuan Bing & Family
It was a Sunny hot day walking around human-made Hort Park.
But it was fun, having family fun photoshoot with Yuan Bing & Family.

14. Cecilia & Partner
Cecilia visits her boyfriend who is currently studying in Singapore. And thought it was a good idea to take back some photos for memories here!

15. Stephanie & Bin
Very lovely couple are Stephanie & Bin. It was raining, starting of the photoshoot but it was just passing clouds so we kind of did the fulfilling photoshoot as usual.

16. Ivy & Friends
Ivy, Christy and Jasmine knew each other since Poly days and till now their friendship is still strong and sweet. Ivy is currently residence in Japan with her husband and while coming back Singapore for a visit, she decided to have a photoshoot excursion with her BFF.

17. Jocelyn & Pat
Jocelyn wanted some very natural shots of herself and her boyfriend. As well, she love to have some fun shots randomly.

J (20)

18. Rhoda & Family
Rhoda and family wore adorable matching yellow clothing. Somehow matches the beautiful blue skies on that day. Looking amazing!

19. Adrian & Shuxian
It’s windy at the roof terrace of Pinnacle at Duxton. Hair went messy, but photos went fun! It’s still sunny and the skies are still blue. =)

20. Jarett & Partner 
They are schoolmates, friends as well as lovers.

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Gift Voucher FAQ

Gift Voucher

Make a surprise delivery to your loved one!
Looking for a perfect gift for the special someone? Look no further.
Surprise them with a outdoor photoshoot, capturing happy memories!
These precious gifts are ideal for all these occasions & more:

Birthday Anniversary Wedding
Thank You New Baby Friendship
Graduation Christmas Farewell
Mother’s Day Father’s Day Just Because

Treasured memories are one of the best gifts you can give your loved ones, and what can be better than giving that special friend & family member a fun-filling photographic experience. Surprise them a birthday present or anniversary gift, or give them the perfect present for special occasions. ~

The gift voucher can be mailed to you or directly to the recipient.
What’s more, your recipient gets to choose the date and time of which he would like to have a photoshoot with us.

Please allow 3 – 7 days for us to send the gift vouchers out after we received your payment.

FAQ for user of Vouchers

Q: How do I book appointment with the voucher?
A: Email to hello@cloudproductions.sg with:

Key in voucher number, Name, Mobile phone no., What kind of shoot, Number of Pax, Preferred date & time.

Q: How long do I need to wait for email to be replied?
A: 3 to 48 hours.

Q: What kind of photoshoot can I book using the voucher?
A: Wide range of outdoor photography concepts including family portraits, friends, couples, children, pre-wedding, baby and maternity. (Strictly no personal portraits or makeover, resume photo)

Q: Are pets allowed?
A: Yes.

Q: Will props be provided?
A: No. Kindly bring your own props.

Q: How many outfit should I bring?
A: 1 to 3 for per person will be good. Changing time within photoshoot session.

Q: How many photos will I get?
A: Unlimited photos (all the photos taken in the session)

Q: How will I recieve my photos?
A: Via email (wetransfer.com)

Q: How many photos will be taken per session?
A: It might be vary from 40 to 80, depends on individual photo-shoot time & situation.

Q: What are the details/specs for softcopies photo given?
A: Res 2500px, 240dpi. One photo file size is about 0.5 to 3mb (depends on individual).

FAQ for buyer of Vouchers

Q: How can I buy the voucher?
A: For Hardcopies Vouchers, it can be purchase via hello@cloudproductions.sg, email following details:

Your Name, your mobile phone.
If require us to send the gift to your repicient, please provide their information: name, email add & home address, message for him/her.

For E-Vouchers, it can be purchase HERE.

Q: What’s the Difference from Hardcopy & E-Voucher?
A: Hardcopies Voucher are only available for value of S$50. However, E-Voucher allows you to customize which Category of Photoshoot it is for before charging you. So your love ones will not need to top up further more cost to enjoy their Photoshoot session. =)

Q: Is there any expiry date?
Yes, it will be one year from the date you bought.

5 Great tips for improving your outdoor photoshoot photos

Here are some great and simple tips on how you can do your part in creating the extraordinary photos with your photographer! 

 (1) Knowing what to wear is important:


– Clothing you feel comfortable in
– Clothing you love most
– Outfit that are memorable to you
– Put on some accessories (for female), eg. earrings, bracelet & etc.
– Themed clothing set (if there’s any theme or concept that you desired)
– Tube & long skirt (for maternity mothers)


– Slipper
– Shirts with corporate logos
– Oversize shirt / dress

Colours to wear:
Pastel colours
Complementary or analogus colours 

(2) Things to bring:

– For families (with kids): Bring some of your child’s favourite toy.
– For couples: Bring some of the memorable items with you. Flowers & heart shape balloons would be good too.

Other Props to bring:
– Decorative umbrella
– Picnic mats & basket (for photoshoots in gardens)
– Funky & expressive craft props
– Light coloured scarf, baby nametag, shoe & toys (for maternity mothers)

(3) Stay Hydrated, drink more water.

– Having enough water in your body is important, not only it keeps you healthy and hydrated. It also keep your skin vibrant and smooth.
– Taking some breaks within the photoshoot is also good, especially when photoshoot-ing under the hot sun.
– Wipe your sweat to keep you away from being oily.

(4) Pose with style!

Be fun, wild and stay out of the box! Don’t be shy, be bold and try new poses! And… last but not least, show the love!

For families (with kids): Sit and cuddle with your kids, play with them.
For couples: Do the kisses & hugs, stay close and play with eye contacts!

It’s ok to have some candids and not all just poses.

Top tips:
– Head facing about 45 degree to the front, so camera can see your side profile better.
– Talk to your photographer. If you would like to, tell him/her your story and laugh about it while he/she is still shooting.
– Be Confident!

(5) Think of Happy thoughts!

Smiles & Laughter are one of the most important aspect in the photoshoot, everyone wants happy photos. So think of happy and extraordinary memories that keeps your smiles stay throughout the photoshoot!

For families (with kids): Prepare some sweet treats, reward your child when they did a great smile or laughter!
For couples: Think of the happy moments that you’ve spent together and more.
XW (26)

We hope you’ve enjoyed and learnt something new here! We look forward to the outdoor photoshoot with you! For booking enquiries, kindly email to hello@cloudproductions.sg .

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Food Photography Workshop

Yesterday our Chief photographer Irene Kuok hosted a “basic food photography workshop” organised by BBE RC Zone 3, for Residence living @ Bukit Batok.

The student and us had lots of fun there! Here are some photos taken during the fun-filling workshop: