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Q: How do I book appointment?
A: Email to with:

– Name:

– Contact Number:

– No. of Pax for the Photoshoot:

– Type of Photoshoot (Maternity/Family)

– Ages (if there’s kids):

– Preferred Date:

– Attached Groupon Voucher’s QR Code.

Q: How long do I need to wait for email to be replied?
A: 3 to 72 working hours.

Q: What kind of photoshoot can I book?
A: Family/Kids/Maternity Outdoor photoshoot.

Q: Are pets allowed?
A: Yes.

Q: Will there be props provided?
A: No. Kindly bring your own props.

Q: Is hair & makeup provided?
A: No. You’ll need to source for your own hair & makeup artist.

Q: Do I need to bring my groupon voucher on my photoshoot day?
A: No. We’ll only accept the digital copy with the QR code via email, so you won’t need to bring it along.

Q: Am I able to choose the final photos?
A: No. It’ll be generated by our photography software.

Q: How much additional do I need to pay if I want to buy ALL photos taken?
A: To purchase ALL remaining photos (enhancement included, retouching excluded)
Below 50 Remaining Photos – $180 top up for non-promotion rate.
Above 5o Remaining Photos – $230 top up for non-promotion rate.

Q: What are the Locations choices?
A: Our Location List for you: Bishan Park, Chinese Garden, Toa Payoh Dragon Playground, Toa Payoh Townpark, Bukit Batok Town Park (Little GuiLin), Hort Park, Botanical Garden & Gardens by the Bay. S$80 additional if you would like to photoshoot at other location.

Q: How many photos will be taken per session?
A: It might be vary from 30 to 80, depends on individual photo-shoot time & situation.

Q: What do I get if I select photo-prints option?
A: 5x 4R laboratory photo print (after post-processed & enhancement)

Q: Am I able to choose the final photos to be printed out on my 4R laboratory photo print?
A: Yes, please reply us within a week after we’ve sent over the photos to you. Photo-print redemption will be expired in 2 weeks after final photos has been sent to you.

Q: What are the details/specs for softcopies photo given?
A: Res 2500px, 240dpi. One photo file size is about 0.5 to 3mb (depends on individual).

Q: What if I want a photodisc to keep my photos?
A: Top up of $15 is needed for each additional disc.

Q: It’s my first time doing photoshoot, what should I prepare to get greater photos?
A: View our blogpost “5 Great tips for improving your outdoor photoshoot photos”

Q: Can I postpone?
A: No cancellation or postpone after confirmation of slot.

Q: I’ve booked my appointment but it’s raining, can I postpone?
A: No. The photoshoot will continue under shelter.

Q: What if I’m late on the actual day?
A: We do not encourage late comings, as we’ve photoshoot after photoshoot. If you are late, you will only be able to use the remaining time in your bookings.

Q: What if I forgotten about the appointment, and I didn’t turn up? Am I able to book an appointment another day?
A: No, we can’t refund or provide another photoshoot session for you. Kindly mark down in your calendar after the confirmation email has sent to you.

*Please note that:
– Our Photographers has every rights to use photos taken as portfolio.
– Retouching/adding or removing blemishes from the photos are not included.
– The packages only includes photoshoot & basic editing. It does not include, entry fee to Gardens by the bay flower dome, nor other places of interest entrance fees.  If you are interested to enter those attraction, you’ll need to pay both your entry fee as well as photographer/assistant ones.
– 14 days advanced booking required.
– Any special requests are subject to the sole discretion of Cloud Productions, and additional costs may incurred
– Limit to 1 voucher per person and per session only. Not available to mix with other ongoing promotions
– All softcopies will be sent via email (via webhost) within 2-3 weeks
– Voucher not valid on eve of and on PH (+S$50, for booking on eve of and on PH)
– Not valid with other discounts or promotions
-Voucher is transferrable, non-refundable and non-exchangeable for cash or products/services.

The Ultimate Family Photoshoot Collection & Guide!

Some may choose to have yearly Family Photo-shoot together and some may miss out the good ol’ 10 years of children’s growing stages. Here we are, to advice how you can have the best of both world in planning your photoshoot session that you will love for your keepsake & memories. Even if you gonna shoot yearly and in the same country Singapore, it’s ain’t gonna be the same.

Our recommendation for Families Photo-shoot is once every 2 years. Some may preferred every 1 year for Families who have young children from 1 to 9 years of age, for a yearly Photo-shoot basis you can see obvious growing stages of your Child. Alternately In two years, they will look not so similar yet not too different. So a good gauge will be once every 1.5 to 2 years for each Photo-shoot sessions to be done, in-additional it builds Family Bonding as one during Photo-shoot.

Families are some of the closest knit people in the world and friends comes & go in a person’s life. Families always remain with you till the end. Photographs that captures the most beautiful & best memories of yours and your families is the greatest treasure of all. While looking back at those memories, lifts up a person’s mood and when the above two aspects are brought together it makes the most precious moments of all being frozen in time.

Other than the bored looking Studio-made Family Portraits you may have, you can also plan for something Outdoor in Singapore! We’ve many places of interest in the Lion City, and here are our recommendations just for you.

Poses & Arrangement Family Photoshoot Inspiration:

Use some Props!

Time with Daddy!

Mommy’s Time!

Candid and Poses with Kids Time Alone!

Set a Good Theme & Team, Dress up Similarly!

 Candid of Playing as a Whole!

Children Playtime Candid!

The Kissing Shot!

 Create Bonding + Creative Concept within the Family as one!

Seeing part of you and All of your Kids!

An Enjoying Picture of the Wholesome Family Shot! 

Don’t leave out the last shot, How the Family actually started. Through You and Him, or You and Her. Twosome Shot!

Other Tips:
Booking Timing Recommendation:
7.30 to 9.30am – Less Heat cause by the Sunlight
9.30 to 11.30am – If you like it bright and Sunny
4.30 to 5.30pm – Still bright and getting less hot
5.30 to 7.30pm – The Sun is setting!

Don’t fight with the Weather man. 
If it’s going to be too windy and dull due to upcoming Rain situation, then it is worth for a postpone if Professional Photographers say so. You won’t want your photos to look bad, the Professional won’t want it too. We can’t control the weather, but we can control our plannings together.

Choosing the right outfit to wear and getting ready for your Photoshoot is extremely important as well, for that we’ve Great Tips on what to wear and what not for your Photoshoot session in this link.

We’ve seen Awkward family photos leaping in the air, or even Families squeezing like Sandwich on the final photo outcome on other sites. To avoid those Awkward expression or poses, you may read this post on our site here.

What to do with your Pictures afterwards?
1 – Print, frame or pin up to your home walls. As part of your home decors and memories that you see everyday.

2- Give your child tiny Polaroid mockups of their favourite photo so that they can place in their wallet and appreciate it.

3- You can design the Photos on your Invitation Card for your Kid’s birthday parties too!


View Our Happy Photos Outcome Here! 

We hope you’ve enjoyed and learnt something new here! We look forward to the Photoshoot with you! For booking enquiries, kindly email to .

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5 Tips that will help you to Avoid Awkward Photos

ASL (61)Alot of us love Phototaking in great atmosphere, lightings, great mood & very much natural in our very own expressions. But not many know how to achieve this kind of result. Not only great ambient & lighting are important. Avoiding Awkward Moments and create truthful happy expression takes up a skillset to oneself! Not only it is the Photographer’s job to make you get a greater result in your Photos, but your self-awareness too! Here we are sharing some Simple Great Tips on how you can avoid creating Awkward Images before you go to your next Photoshoot session and how you can make the best out of it.

Top 5 Tips for not looking Awkward when Photoshooting:

1 > Be Yourself!
Self-consciousness holds you back. Relax yourself, and stay as much confident as you could.

2 >  Keep Moving around slowly!
Do the things you always do. Be it dazing, smiling with happy thoughts inside of you, make funny faces & etc. Whichever that suits your style!

3 > Remember to direct your face towards the Photographer!
Direction for face is important. It would make better visual when your face directions is towards your Photographer, that will help him or her to capture a much beautiful portrait of yours be it candid or posey shot. Furthermore, You won’t want to see your backview too much in the final photos!

4 > Take your time!
Be in your comfort zone, when you are nervous / panic over time you won’t be comfortable and we can tell that through your expression and it will be marked down in those photographs too. Make yourself comfortable is important. Expression of yours tells the Stories.7J4A3904

5 > If you feel Awkward, don’t pretend you are not.
Let it out, Show it and let your Photographer knows how you feel. So both of you can work things out together as one to make things better. Last but not least, you’ll need to have some fun! So you can get some Happy Dovey Candid Shots!
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How to Look Your Best in Photos? Here are another Great 5 Tips on how you can do your part in creating the extraordinary photos with your Photographers! CLICK HERE

View Our Happy Photo Results Here! 

We hope you’ve enjoyed and learnt something new here! We look forward to the Photoshoot with you! For booking enquiries, kindly email to .

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6 Tips for Taking Great Maternity Photos for Moms

Dear Mommies! Here are some great and simple tips on how you can do your part in creating the extraordinary maternity photos with your photographer!

Let’s start with:

(1) The Wearables for Maternity

Wear something comfortable for you as well as memorable. Pick those clothing that you love fitting into it most. However, there are some Mommies that would love to try something new and not sure how to. This is our guide for you:

The Good:
– Long Dress (especially those that are able to flow with the wind)
– Tube & Long Skirt (Showing Tummy)
– Long Top with a Stretchable pants (some may prefer unzip jeans)
– Get some Hair & Fashion Accessories to enhance your fashion too!

The Bad:
– Oversize Dresses
– Over Bright & Rainbow Colours Dresses (Stay Pastel or something light, it will make your photo looks warmer)

Best Colour Trend of 2015:
Pastel colours
Complementary or analogus colours 

And, don’t forget to put your hair down. Preferably with Makeup too, to get a better contrast in your photos.

(2) Don’t Rush Over Timing

Give yourself enough time to rest or walk, try not  to make it like a Rush Hour Photoshoot as much as possible. So as to leaving your comfortable/positive expression in the photo. An hour session will be more than enough if you’re going just for a simple photoshoot. However if you’ve plenty of Ideas on what you want to do & pose and plenty more outfit… a 2hr might be more suitable for you. Also coming into consideration, if you’re walking at a larger outdoor space you might need to consider taking up another hour for your session.

Talking about Ideas, leads us to the next Tip.

(3) Have some Poses Ideas in mind

Be it if you are doing this alone, or doing the shoot with your hubby, or even onesome twosome threesome kids around. Think of poses! Do a little homework and search the internet, for that “awesome photographs with your desire poses”. Let these pictures be your visualizer for the Photoshoot, share it with your Photographer!

(4) Show off your Sonogram

Sonogram is part of both you and your child’s memories. And it is best to be part of the Photoshoot session.

(5) Use some Props
Props are precisely the way to make your Photoshoot more fun. Some of the suggested Props are:

– String & pegs (for hanging baby clothing around)
– Alphabet blocks with Baby Name (…or BOY or GIRL)

L (61) – Baby Clothing & Shoe
– Balloons & Bubbles (if you’ve other kids around, to brighten their smile)
– Decorative Umbrella (Rainbow color or transparent with patterns ones are the best)

– Ribbon & Tag with Baby Name (tie your tummy just like a new gift coming along from God)
– Pinic Mats & Basket (for photoshoots in gardens)

– Last but not least, Wedding Ring

(6) Capture the LOVE around you

You love your baby bump just as much as you love your hubby or your other child. Get some intimates shots of you and them too. Involve your family & capture Happy Love Shots!

It would be awesome to do up a matching outfit theme for your session with your family!

We hope you’ve enjoyed and learnt something new here! We look forward to the Outdoor Photoshoot with you! For booking enquiries, kindly email to .

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5 Steps to Finding the Right Photographer

It’s far too common to spot Photographers all around Singapore whom claim themselves as “Professional” Photographers, be it freelancer who owns another Fulltime job or permanent freelance photographers.

It’s really hard for our love ones to decide who to hire for their big day or even a photoshoot that mean to them alot. Without research or a good consideration list, you might pick the Wrong Photographer carelessly.  What do we mean by “wrong”, sounds like a strong & sensitive word here. However, it is depending on what you want to get out of your photoshoot.

You would probably need to do some homework by listing down some facts/aspect you have in mind before starting the steps below:


STEP ONE: Settling on a Style
Do a checklist on the Style you want, and how many percent of it out of your entire Photoshoot. So when you when you inform your Photographers he can understand. With numbers, things are easier to understand.

For example:

60% Candid Shots
10% Posed Shots
10% Creative/Artistic Shot
20% Edgy-Bold Shot

STEP TWO: Do your Homework
There’s Plenty of Photographers/Photography Companies out there whom have Website or Facebook. Read their Testimonials & Review. Identify reviews from real user only.

cloudproductionsreviewAnd what if they’ve no reviews, why do they not have reviews? Having too less photoshoot & experiences might be one reason as well. So if you’re looking for a more experienced/senior Photographer or Companies, that will go out of your choice.

STEP THREE: Explore their Photos
Every Photographers should have a Portfolio/Gallery page. Browse through and see if it suits what you need or want.

STEP FOUR: Clear the unclear
Talk to them, be it via email or any other device to communicate. Clear all your doubts by asking them questions about things you need to know.

STEP FIVE: Confirm your package in Black and White
We’ve heard about some hidden cost issue from some of our client’s previous Photographers. Either client didn’t recieved what is told, or paid even higher price without an agreement on both sides. There may be compulsory add-ons in tiny text in your email/contract, so be very careful & check to confirm the total amount you have to pay before confirming the Photoshoot session. Please make sure everything is done in black and white, if verbal it has to be recorded as all these are part of your evidence.
If there’s optional Add-0ns and it’s with no obligations, it is totally fine.

So yes, once you’ve complete the Five Steps you are off to go for your Photoshoot session!

_  _________________________________________  _

Something you might not know about :

What’s the Difference between JUNIOR / PREMIUM / CHIEF Photographer?

If you are very particular about SHARPNESS & REAL COLOURS in your photo, as well as the RIGHT MOMENT, great FRAMING, LIGHTING  & QUALITY. And want to go for a few Creative & Artistic shot. Chief Photographer is for you.


If you want to capture random Moments with your love ones. Have some photo effects you wanted in mind. Premium Photographer is for you. 


If you just wanted something affordable and do a casual Photoshoot. And don’t mind some photography effects done by our Photographers. Apprentice/ Junior Photographer is for you.

_  _________________________________________  _

FYI, All of our Photographers are trained & QC. We understand the details, requirements & expectations of our clients and strive to excite and impact with memories & images close to your heart & never fade with time.
_  _________________________________________  _

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Quick Tips for Shooting Children’s Party

We know that Photographing your child while running your Kids Party, preventing accidents from happening and maintaining your sanity is definitely difficult.

That is why we are here to help you out with some Quick Tips!

Here are our secrets in successfully capturing the right moment of any Kids Party we’ve done! So that our client’s moment won’t gone down to drain and  can relive the timeless moments afterwards in their life.

Some of the main keys in BOLD.

Plan the Shoot, set timing for each activities.
1. Capture the Party Decors/Details before opening to Guest! 

2. Get some shots of Guest coming into the Party place.
3. Include various angles and type of shots

4. If you are using DSLR, try using larger aperture.

Be in the Child’s World.
1. Children is said to be one of the most difficult portraits to capture, and how to make them stop moving will be another challenge of yours. One of the best way to freeze that perfect moment is to let them interact with  your camera.  Talk to them, ask some questions and while they answers it let their eyes communicate with you.

2. Make them laugh, play with them to capture beautiful shots of their candid.

Get to your child’s perspective.
1. Prevent shooting from your normal height. Go down to the child’s level.
2. Create Series shot of them receiving gifts from other individual children.

The Right Moment.

1. The MUST NOT MISS shot:
– The Cake Shot

– Make a wish shot
– Birthday Songs shot
– Cake cutting shot
– Family Group Portrait with the Cake

If you don’t want to miss yourself in the shot, you’ll probably need someone to help you with the clicking or use a Tripod with self-timer mode, or even better a remote.

2. The BEST NOT TO MISS shot:
– Children playing or activities candid

– The Eating mess (especially on the mouth, sometimes can be quite adorable)

– Don’t forget about the Parents who came to the Party too. Have some Selfies with them, if not get a Tripod & self-timer mode to help you.

– Last but not least,  Aftermath Cake Cutting Shot.

– If you’re using Smart phones to shoot, remember the last step is to source for a good App for some quick photo edits.


We hope you’ve enjoyed viewing the Quick Tips! We would love to hear from you!
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More Photography Tips?

This Blogpost is written & copyrighted by Sgcloudproductions , Thank you for spending time reading our Blog!

8 Ideas to Photoshoot this CNY!

Singapore Chinese New Year 2015 Ideas: Where to go, what to see and photoshoot this CNY! 

Other than just celebrating this CNY2015, let’s capture Great Memories down for greater keepsake!


#8. Chinatown Zodiac Decoration along New Bridge Road & Eu Tong Sen Street + Their Goaty Goodies Bazaar


#7. River AngBao 春到河畔 & Chingay Parade Decors + Fireworks that happens on 27-28 Feb 2015 this year


#6. Your LaoYuSheng & It’s Aftermath Mess!

#5. A Series of “What’s on your CNY Dish”, Create a photo collection of What’s on your plate for this CNY! Full of Food Lobangs on your plates!

#4. Top down View of Chinatown Bazaar (From HDB Top Storeys of Blk 335 Smith Street) Let’s get a Different Perspectives Photo from your other photos taken last few years!

#3. Home Visitation Decors & It’s Closeup

#2. Your CNY Celebration Events & Activities! Especially those that brings out the Chinese New Year Culture, Redness & Prosperity! Don’t miss the Moment!

#1. The Heartland CNY Goodies Market, The usual Market Place for the locals but not many would take photos of its beauty because it’s already too common in our lives. Try taking some Good shots out of it this year round!
7J4A0469-57J4A0471-77J4A0505-29So Grab your Cameras out, and have fun photoshooting this Goaty Year!

CNY 2015 will start on Thursday, 19th February 2015. It falls on a Two days Public Holiday conjunction with the Weekends, adds up to a Long weekend! 

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We hope you’ve enjoyed viewing our Photography Tips & Ideas! We would love to hear from you!
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5 Simple Tips for Gorgeous Wedding Photos

#1 – Create a shot list
For the photographer – It’s good to go through and ask about what is going to happen on it’s actual day and plan out a list of photos that you would not want to miss. Such as the detailed ring shot, the gate crashing, the throwing of flowers & etc.

For the wedding couples – Think of your moodboard, and what is really important to you and for that you won’t want to photographer to miss out.

#2 – Take shots with families & friends

For the photographer – It’s not usual to just only see the couple in your entire wedding album, get people around to come into the shot too. Especially the love ones of the wedding couple.

For the wedding couples – 
It’s common on Actual Day, you might be slightly nervous than usual and you might have forgotten your smile. Don’t fake it, try to smile as much natural as possible. Think happy thoughts! And so you’ll not be left out for the happiness in the group portrait!

#3 – Dont forget the Light
For the photographer –
By chance, if you see some natural sun rays coming into the building. Catch this opportunity to create composition with that perfect atmosphere to get that perfect piece of photo art.

For the wedding couples – 
If the sunlight gets a little uncomfortable and gets you tiny eyes, let the photographer knows. You need to be natural and comfortable to get yourself that good shot.

#4 – Communication

For the photographer – Never think you know what they want, ask question. Sometimes make them laugh too, tell a joke to make conversation worthwhile and a happy one.

For the wedding couples – Don’t just pose, talk to each other, feel the touch and move around. Best of all have fun! That can get you lots of lovely candid shots!

#5 – Show off your love 

For the photographer – Be ready for that moment at all times.

For the wedding couples – 
Don’t be too shy to show off your love, have that great long kiss, tight hugs and whichever cuddling you love to do when you are together. That will help getting the most natural shots out of both of you. 

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