A Celebration of Moment and Time: Portraiture for Business Owner Yuan Tai

While capturing moments of others, we explore not only the need for professional photography skills but also working with Event venues that are unique.

“To keep the photos interesting, keeping angles interesting, backdrop play a part too”

Today, we’ve put together an interesting collaboration to create more awesome photographs for everyone.
Yuan Tai (9)Cloud Productions Chief Photographer Irene recently had a Photo Shoot done for Yuan Tai, 8event Singapore. 8vent connects Venues and Event Organizers and here’s Yuan Tai sharing with us about his role in finding unique spaces for his clients and what he learnt in his business.

Who has been the biggest influence in your life? What lessons did that person teach you?
The biggest influence in my life has been Jesus Christ, my lord and savior. I’ve learnt how to become a better me, how to be more compassionate. I’ve also learnt how to empathize with people and to connect better with them. I’ve learnt how to humble myself and be open to suggestions or feedback to improve myself. I learn about courage in the face of adversity, strength and faith. Most of all, I learn to love myself and love others even more.
Yuan Tai (6)

What is your personality and what skills do you currently have?
I love to explore new places and meet new people. Being in the people business, I love to connect with people. I love to find out about what people do and learn from their experiences. I love to read and write too. This helps me in my business as I can look for fresh angles to promote events or venues, or to come up with interesting concepts for events.

What’s the Secret to your Client’s Happiness through your service?
I bring smiles to clients through being able to address their needs of finding a suitable venue. I also make sure that the event is delivered successfully and the guests all enjoyed themselves. Joy shared is joy doubled, and I will go the extra mile for my clients.
Yuan Tai (3)How has your life been different than what you’d imagined?
I was previously working in the retail line, doing events on the sideline. Starting out my own business was something that I wanted, but did not act on as I was in my own comfort zone. Fortunately, doing events is not something new. Nevertheless, being an entrepreneur is a new and tough experience. I am really blessed to have mentors and many helpful friends and business associates. Life is a really colourful journey with all these people in it, and I count my blessings.

Yuan Tai’s Kind Words:

I had the best experience with SG cloud productions. Irene was professional and made me feel at ease during the shoot. She gave good advice on how to be natural and let my emotions flow. She was meticulous and attentive to details. She was able to explain clearly what type of shots she was looking for, and the entire shoot was really enjoyable. The service provided by SG cloud is world class. I am confident that they will deliver above and beyond what every customer wants, as they have delivered for me.
– Yuan Tai, Director of 8Event

We look forward to working on many more interesting projects, just like this one.

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