8 Awesome Singapore Photoshoot Locations on a Rainy Day!

When it comes to Photography, the word “rain” can bring a sense of panic to even the most experienced photographer. While many of us would advice postpone and returning when the sun has decided to emerge again, in some cases, this isn’t always possible. We’ve quite a wide range of Customers and some of them are from Overseas, they will only be in Singapore within a period of time. Postponing doesn’t seem to be the greatest idea.

Here are 8 Awesome Photoshoot Locations you can proceed to Photoshoot on a Rainy Day!

We’ve some great indoor along with outdoor locations in Singapore with really nice backdrops around! Here’s our TOP 8!

Our Tampines Hub
Our Tampines Hub is Singapore’s first-ever integrated community and lifestyle hub which is located in the neighborhood in Tampines. Just 3min distance walk from the MRT station. This fantastic hub has very Spacious walkways, amazing urban structure, and a beautiful roof garden oversee the stadium.

Cloudproductions Outdoor Indoor Photoshoot Singapore 2018 (1)Hort Park
Apart from lush greenery, Hort Park also provides different area sections you may have your photos taken. You’ll be sure to have fun exploring the tranquil environment.
Cloudproductions Outdoor Indoor Photoshoot Singapore 2018 (9)Cloudproductions Outdoor Indoor Photoshoot Singapore 2018 (12)

Singapore Sports Hub @ Kallang Wave Mall
With its brilliant architecture and awe-inspiring design, the National Stadium offers a unique location for photo shoots in it!

Marina Bay Sands
Stunning Cityscape, as well as Luxury Structure backdrops, can be easily taken within frames at the iconic Marina Bay Sands. This place is also one of Singapore’s most recognizable location with many famous celebrities coming to film and stay at MBS hotels.

Cloudproductions Outdoor Indoor Photoshoot Singapore 2018 (3) 1Ikea
If you like something new and refreshing, going into cafe, shop, supermarket or even Ikea is a great fun idea!

Cloudproductions Outdoor Indoor Photoshoot Singapore 2018 (4)

Changi Airport
There are multiple stunning spots in Changi Airport that are really photogenic. Singapore’s Changi Airport has also Rated the best airport in the world in 2014 and 2015, Changi Airport is one that is renowned for not only its architectural design but its beautiful & unique everything!

Cloudproductions Outdoor Indoor Photoshoot Singapore 2018 (5)

Gardens by the Bay – Cloud Forest
The lush vegetation of the tropical highlands & a tall waterfall would help us capture much beautiful human-made nature and greeneries photos, with its cooling temperature it’s comfy as well for a hot day weather!

Cloudproductions Outdoor Indoor Photoshoot Singapore 2018 (5) 1

Cloudproductions Outdoor Indoor Photoshoot Singapore 2018 (13)National Gallery
World’s largest public display of modern Southeast Asian art is at the National Gallery Singapore. It’s almost a perfect place with its beautiful structure and a beautiful roof garden with city view.


Other Tips:
We usually don’t fight the Weatherman. 
If it’s going to be too windy and dull due to upcoming Rain situation, then it is worth for a postpone if Professional Photographers say so. Here are some Great locations we recommend for a good Sunny Day Photoshoot, click here!

What to do with your Pictures afterward?
1 – Print, frame or pin up to your home walls. As part of your home decors and memories that you see every day.

2- Give your child tiny Polaroid mockups of their favourite photo so that they can place in their wallet and appreciate it.

3- You can design the Photos on your Invitation Card for your Kid’s birthday parties too!


We hope you’ve enjoyed and learnt something new here! We look forward to the Photoshoot with you!
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