10 things that define a True Professional Photographer!

The term professional is thrown around quite a bit these days, perhaps too much. There used to be “Real” Professional Photographers around who charge Professionally for their services as well as doing their job professional. In recent years, we’ve heard many stories about some “self-proclaimed” Professional Photographers destroyed their client’s Photoshoot. Nowadays, everyone else who holds a DSLR prefer to do it themselves, partly it’s really difficult to see which Photography Service Provider are truly Professional.

But what exactly does it mean to be a professional? As you read through the items below, consider how you compare with each trait.

1: Put customer satisfaction first

Understanding and satisfying customer’s needs is one of the aspect of a successful business. We all know some friends who are freelance Photographer who loves shooting for their own Portfolio without considering the fact that it is a service to the customer. After all, without the customer, there is no professional.

Professionals identify and satisfy their customer’s needs.

2: Expertise a specialty

The very word professional implies that you are an expert. Technical competence is essential in Photography, as well as Creativity skillset.

  • Become an expert in the skills and equipment necessary to do your job.
  • Always perform to the best of your abilities.
  • Keep knowledge up to date.

Professionals know their trade.

3: Do more than expected

Professionals are given wide latitude in daily self-management. Professionals don’t abuse privileges, manages time and work habit well.

Professionals are expected to produce results. Strive to complete deliverables before their due dates and under budget. Professionals meet or exceed expectations whenever possible.

4: Do what has been promised

Professionals says what they can do only. And not being a salesman, trying to sell things or package that won’t be able to delivered.
Professionals deliver on promises made.

5: Communicate effectively

Effective communication is ultimately your responsibility — not your customer’s. Whether verbal or written, professionals communicate clearly, concisely, thoroughly, and accurately.

Professionals don’t create misunderstanding, neither blame misconception on customer.

6: Follow exceptional guiding principles

Appreciate and support people around, either same trade or customers. Practice good manners and proper etiquette. Have high ethical and moral standards. Be honest and fair in all of your dealings with others. Obey the law. These are basic values that all professionals should follow. Many companies have a document that outlines their operating principles, or Standard of Procedure.

Professionals adhere to high values and principles.

7: Praise others

Respect and acknowledge the talents of the people around you. There is nothing more unprofessional and self-serving than telling others how wonderful you are. Professionals are humble and generous in their praise of others.

8: Share knowledges

It is not easy to find talented photographers with “unique” knowledge, it’s even harder to find the ones who are willing to share in Singapore. It is possible to share what you know and still keep one step ahead of the competition — simply apply yourself and learn something new daily.

Professionals help people around and are respected for doing so.

9: Say thank you

Always try to find a way to thank others for their help. Not everything you did good is your credits, thank others for what has made your day better.

Professionals thank others in a meaningful way that most benefits the recipient.

10: Keep a smile on the face and with the right attitude in the heart

Professionals are pleasant even during hard times.

The final word

Working with professionals is a pleasure, and we know many unfortunate ones who have hired truly exemplary ones. There have been a few who liked to be treated as professionals without having to work and act like one.

Share with us your Stories working with other Photographers, we would like to know!

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