The Ultimate Family Photoshoot Collection & Guide!

Some may choose to have yearly Family Photo-shoot together and some may miss out the good ol’ 10 years of children’s growing stages. Here we are, to advice how you can have the best of both world in planning your photoshoot session that you will love for your keepsake & memories. Even if you gonna shoot yearly and in the same country Singapore, it’s ain’t gonna be the same.

Our recommendation for Families Photo-shoot is once every 2 years. Some may preferred every 1 year for Families who have young children from 1 to 9 years of age, for a yearly Photo-shoot basis you can see obvious growing stages of your Child. Alternately In two years, they will look not so similar yet not too different. So a good gauge will be once every 1.5 to 2 years for each Photo-shoot sessions to be done, in-additional it builds Family Bonding as one during Photo-shoot.

Families are some of the closest knit people in the world and friends comes & go in a person’s life. Families always remain with you till the end. Photographs that captures the most beautiful & best memories of yours and your families is the greatest treasure of all. While looking back at those memories, lifts up a person’s mood and when the above two aspects are brought together it makes the most precious moments of all being frozen in time.

Other than the bored looking Studio-made Family Portraits you may have, you can also plan for something Outdoor in Singapore! We’ve many places of interest in the Lion City, and here are our recommendations just for you.

Poses & Arrangement Family Photoshoot Inspiration:

Use some Props!

Time with Daddy!

Mommy’s Time!

Candid and Poses with Kids Time Alone!

Set a Good Theme & Team, Dress up Similarly!

 Candid of Playing as a Whole!

Children Playtime Candid!

The Kissing Shot!

 Create Bonding + Creative Concept within the Family as one!

Seeing part of you and All of your Kids!

An Enjoying Picture of the Wholesome Family Shot! 

Don’t leave out the last shot, How the Family actually started. Through You and Him, or You and Her. Twosome Shot!

Other Tips:
Booking Timing Recommendation:
7.30 to 9.30am – Less Heat cause by the Sunlight
9.30 to 11.30am – If you like it bright and Sunny
4.30 to 5.30pm – Still bright and getting less hot
5.30 to 7.30pm – The Sun is setting!

Don’t fight with the Weather man. 
If it’s going to be too windy and dull due to upcoming Rain situation, then it is worth for a postpone if Professional Photographers say so. You won’t want your photos to look bad, the Professional won’t want it too. We can’t control the weather, but we can control our plannings together.

Choosing the right outfit to wear and getting ready for your Photoshoot is extremely important as well, for that we’ve Great Tips on what to wear and what not for your Photoshoot session in this link.

We’ve seen Awkward family photos leaping in the air, or even Families squeezing like Sandwich on the final photo outcome on other sites. To avoid those Awkward expression or poses, you may read this post on our site here.

What to do with your Pictures afterwards?
1 – Print, frame or pin up to your home walls. As part of your home decors and memories that you see everyday.

2- Give your child tiny Polaroid mockups of their favourite photo so that they can place in their wallet and appreciate it.

3- You can design the Photos on your Invitation Card for your Kid’s birthday parties too!


View Our Happy Photos Outcome Here! 

We hope you’ve enjoyed and learnt something new here! We look forward to the Photoshoot with you! For booking enquiries, kindly email to .

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