5 Tips that will help you to Avoid Awkward Photos

ASL (61)Alot of us love Phototaking in great atmosphere, lightings, great mood & very much natural in our very own expressions. But not many know how to achieve this kind of result. Not only great ambient & lighting are important. Avoiding Awkward Moments and create truthful happy expression takes up a skillset to oneself! Not only it is the Photographer’s job to make you get a greater result in your Photos, but your self-awareness too! Here we are sharing some Simple Great Tips on how you can avoid creating Awkward Images before you go to your next Photoshoot session and how you can make the best out of it.

Top 5 Tips for not looking Awkward when Photoshooting:

1 > Be Yourself!
Self-consciousness holds you back. Relax yourself, and stay as much confident as you could.

2 >  Keep Moving around slowly!
Do the things you always do. Be it dazing, smiling with happy thoughts inside of you, make funny faces & etc. Whichever that suits your style!

3 > Remember to direct your face towards the Photographer!
Direction for face is important. It would make better visual when your face directions is towards your Photographer, that will help him or her to capture a much beautiful portrait of yours be it candid or posey shot. Furthermore, You won’t want to see your backview too much in the final photos!

4 > Take your time!
Be in your comfort zone, when you are nervous / panic over time you won’t be comfortable and we can tell that through your expression and it will be marked down in those photographs too. Make yourself comfortable is important. Expression of yours tells the Stories.7J4A3904

5 > If you feel Awkward, don’t pretend you are not.
Let it out, Show it and let your Photographer knows how you feel. So both of you can work things out together as one to make things better. Last but not least, you’ll need to have some fun! So you can get some Happy Dovey Candid Shots!
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