5 Steps to Finding the Right Photographer

It’s far too common to spot Photographers all around Singapore whom claim themselves as “Professional” Photographers, be it freelancer who owns another Fulltime job or permanent freelance photographers.

It’s really hard for our love ones to decide who to hire for their big day or even a photoshoot that mean to them alot. Without research or a good consideration list, you might pick the Wrong Photographer carelessly.  What do we mean by “wrong”, sounds like a strong & sensitive word here. However, it is depending on what you want to get out of your photoshoot.

You would probably need to do some homework by listing down some facts/aspect you have in mind before starting the steps below:


STEP ONE: Settling on a Style
Do a checklist on the Style you want, and how many percent of it out of your entire Photoshoot. So when you when you inform your Photographers he can understand. With numbers, things are easier to understand.

For example:

60% Candid Shots
10% Posed Shots
10% Creative/Artistic Shot
20% Edgy-Bold Shot

STEP TWO: Do your Homework
There’s Plenty of Photographers/Photography Companies out there whom have Website or Facebook. Read their Testimonials & Review. Identify reviews from real user only.

cloudproductionsreviewAnd what if they’ve no reviews, why do they not have reviews? Having too less photoshoot & experiences might be one reason as well. So if you’re looking for a more experienced/senior Photographer or Companies, that will go out of your choice.

STEP THREE: Explore their Photos
Every Photographers should have a Portfolio/Gallery page. Browse through and see if it suits what you need or want.

STEP FOUR: Clear the unclear
Talk to them, be it via email or any other device to communicate. Clear all your doubts by asking them questions about things you need to know.

STEP FIVE: Confirm your package in Black and White
We’ve heard about some hidden cost issue from some of our client’s previous Photographers. Either client didn’t recieved what is told, or paid even higher price without an agreement on both sides. There may be compulsory add-ons in tiny text in your email/contract, so be very careful & check to confirm the total amount you have to pay before confirming the Photoshoot session. Please make sure everything is done in black and white, if verbal it has to be recorded as all these are part of your evidence.
If there’s optional Add-0ns and it’s with no obligations, it is totally fine.

So yes, once you’ve complete the Five Steps you are off to go for your Photoshoot session!

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Something you might not know about Cloudproductions.sg :

What’s the Difference between JUNIOR / PREMIUM / CHIEF Photographer?

If you are very particular about SHARPNESS & REAL COLOURS in your photo, as well as the RIGHT MOMENT, great FRAMING, LIGHTING  & QUALITY. And want to go for a few Creative & Artistic shot. Chief Photographer is for you.


If you want to capture random Moments with your love ones. Have some photo effects you wanted in mind. Premium Photographer is for you. 


If you just wanted something affordable and do a casual Photoshoot. And don’t mind some photography effects done by our Photographers. Apprentice/ Junior Photographer is for you.

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FYI, All of our Photographers are trained & QC. We understand the details, requirements & expectations of our clients and strive to excite and impact with memories & images close to your heart & never fade with time.
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