5 Simple Tips for Gorgeous Wedding Photos

#1 – Create a shot list
For the photographer – It’s good to go through and ask about what is going to happen on it’s actual day and plan out a list of photos that you would not want to miss. Such as the detailed ring shot, the gate crashing, the throwing of flowers & etc.

For the wedding couples – Think of your moodboard, and what is really important to you and for that you won’t want to photographer to miss out.

#2 – Take shots with families & friends

For the photographer – It’s not usual to just only see the couple in your entire wedding album, get people around to come into the shot too. Especially the love ones of the wedding couple.

For the wedding couples – 
It’s common on Actual Day, you might be slightly nervous than usual and you might have forgotten your smile. Don’t fake it, try to smile as much natural as possible. Think happy thoughts! And so you’ll not be left out for the happiness in the group portrait!

#3 – Dont forget the Light
For the photographer –
By chance, if you see some natural sun rays coming into the building. Catch this opportunity to create composition with that perfect atmosphere to get that perfect piece of photo art.

For the wedding couples – 
If the sunlight gets a little uncomfortable and gets you tiny eyes, let the photographer knows. You need to be natural and comfortable to get yourself that good shot.

#4 – Communication

For the photographer – Never think you know what they want, ask question. Sometimes make them laugh too, tell a joke to make conversation worthwhile and a happy one.

For the wedding couples – Don’t just pose, talk to each other, feel the touch and move around. Best of all have fun! That can get you lots of lovely candid shots!

#5 – Show off your love 

For the photographer – Be ready for that moment at all times.

For the wedding couples – 
Don’t be too shy to show off your love, have that great long kiss, tight hugs and whichever cuddling you love to do when you are together. That will help getting the most natural shots out of both of you. 

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