20 Awesome & Happy Outdoor Photoshoot of 2014

Celebrating Love & Happy memories of 2014!

1. Rinzing & Family

Sarah bought our photography voucher for her friend Rinzing, for her family visitation to Singapore.

2. Shally & Guowei
Shally & Guowei are a very lovely and adorable couple, it’s not just the surface of love but we can feel their love filling in the whole framing of our photos. Extremely loving young couple. They are really thankful that we are fast and efficient in sending them the final photos, and just in time before Guowei goes overseas.

3. Valerie & Family
Valerie & her husband is residential in Australia, every year they come back to Singapore to visit her husband parents and also have family photoshoot taken here. This time they have chosen Gardens by the bay, one of those reasons is because they have never been here before and want some good memories with different beautiful perspectives.

4. Jane & Francis
Jane & Francis were soft spoken & shy couple, they are also laughy and fun when it comes to photoshooting. They had two outfit, one formal & one puma couple tees as shown below:

5. Anamika & Family
Anamika & Family beautifully composed shots of Gardens by the bay, some candids & some random poses.

6. Emily & Friends
When 3 good friends comes together and have a photoshoot outing together. Emily is specially gifted in the eye, she knows exactly how she wants the photos to be. Everything can be so beautiful to her that she actually requested super natural shots of them not doing much poses but just randomly looking at one another as well as starting up a conversation and laughing about it.

7. Ray & Ohnmar
Both Ray & Ohnmar are softspoken and gentle. They started quite shy, as this is their first time having a photoshoot session. However, we did captured them naturally while Ray told a joke beside her ear and she will start laughing gently and naturally. And when Ray gives her a kiss on her cheek, she’ll smile sweetly to us, filled with happiness.

8. Chenpei & Family
Chenpei & husband is residential in Singapore, and her family came over for a visit during that period when we had the photoshoot together.

9. Jasyca & Vic
It was fun shooting adorable & cheerful couple, Jasyca & Vic. We did poses, as well as random candids with their memorable love item “Melody”!

10. Egon & Deon

It’s like a way back into love for Egon & Deon, parents of two child. As like most husband and wife, after marriage things just get too busy till sometimes it’s hard to stay romantic. Egon planned this 1 and half hr photoshoot just for him and wife getting together, to feel the love and romance once again.

11. Zahida & Zaki
Zahida loves especially the Gazebo at Botanical Garden, and we’ve got some beautiful shot during the dawn there!

12. Gwen Maternity
Gwen is a Zumba dance coach. At one point during our photoshoot session, she and her husband start dancing so romantically while we took some great and happy shots of her, her baby bump and husband. We’ve so much fun watching them, as well as photoshooting them.

13. Yuan Bing & Family
It was a Sunny hot day walking around human-made Hort Park.
But it was fun, having family fun photoshoot with Yuan Bing & Family.

14. Cecilia & Partner
Cecilia visits her boyfriend who is currently studying in Singapore. And thought it was a good idea to take back some photos for memories here!

15. Stephanie & Bin
Very lovely couple are Stephanie & Bin. It was raining, starting of the photoshoot but it was just passing clouds so we kind of did the fulfilling photoshoot as usual.

16. Ivy & Friends
Ivy, Christy and Jasmine knew each other since Poly days and till now their friendship is still strong and sweet. Ivy is currently residence in Japan with her husband and while coming back Singapore for a visit, she decided to have a photoshoot excursion with her BFF.

17. Jocelyn & Pat
Jocelyn wanted some very natural shots of herself and her boyfriend. As well, she love to have some fun shots randomly.

J (20)

18. Rhoda & Family
Rhoda and family wore adorable matching yellow clothing. Somehow matches the beautiful blue skies on that day. Looking amazing!

19. Adrian & Shuxian
It’s windy at the roof terrace of Pinnacle at Duxton. Hair went messy, but photos went fun! It’s still sunny and the skies are still blue. =)

20. Jarett & Partner 
They are schoolmates, friends as well as lovers.

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