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Here are some great and simple tips on how you can do your part in creating the extraordinary photos with your photographer! 

(1) Knowing what to wear is important:


– Clothing you feel comfortable in
– Clothing you love most
– Outfit that are memorable to you
– Put on some accessories (for female), eg. earrings, bracelet & etc.
– Themed clothing set (if there’s any theme or concept that you desired)
– Tube & long skirt (for maternity mothers)


– Slipper
– Shirts with corporate logos
– Oversize shirt / dress

Colours to wear:
Pastel colours
Complementary or analogus colours 

(2) Things to bring:

– For families (with kids): Bring some of your child’s favourite toy.
– For couples: Bring some of the memorable items with you. Flowers & heart shape balloons would be good too.

Other Props to bring:
– Decorative umbrella
– Picnic mats & basket (for photoshoots in gardens)
– Funky & expressive craft props
– Light coloured scarf, baby nametag, shoe & toys (for maternity mothers)

(3) Stay Hydrated, drink more water.

– Having enough water in your body is important, not only it keeps you healthy and hydrated. It also keep your skin vibrant and smooth.
– Taking some breaks within the photoshoot is also good, especially when photoshoot-ing under the hot sun.
– Wipe your sweat to keep you away from being oily.

(4) Pose with style!

Be fun, wild and stay out of the box! Don’t be shy, be bold and try new poses! And… last but not least, show the love!

For families (with kids): Sit and cuddle with your kids, play with them.
For couples: Do the kisses & hugs, stay close and play with eye contacts!

It’s ok to have some candids and not all just poses.

Top tips:
– Head facing about 45 degree to the front, so camera can see your side profile better.
– Talk to your photographer. If you would like to, tell him/her your story and laugh about it while he/she is still shooting.
– Be Confident!

(5) Think of Happy thoughts!

Smiles & Laughter are one of the most important aspect in the photoshoot, everyone wants happy photos. So think of happy and extraordinary memories that keeps your smiles stay throughout the photoshoot!

For families (with kids): Prepare some sweet treats, reward your child when they did a great smile or laughter!

For couples: Think of the happy moments that you’ve spent together and more.


What to do with your Photos after the Photo-shoot?
(i)  Instill your most cherished memories in a quality wall hanging Canvas for all to admirers, Print your Memories On Canvas.

(ii) Decorate any room with a customised collection of photographs, hang it on your favourite wall in your home.


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